That was fun

I ended up winning over tiredness and logged onto IRC last night (or would 2am be classed as this morning?) and it was fun. Not too many people there, most talkative were Sergio, Tom and Scrivs. What was it like? It was like a car went past at high speed with the winners names printed on it. I was left asking “Does anyone know who won best aussie?” and I only just found out Loobylu won it today. Word has it that the IRC conversation was projected on a screen for a bit at SXSW, so I tried my best to not say stupid things. Anyone have pictures of the event?

Congratulations to Dan of who won Best Designed Weblog I knew he was going to win and I’m happy he did. Simplebits rocks. Also congratulations to Sergio for his win. 🙂

Till next year…

8 Comments on “That was fun”

  1. Sounds like a good time, I’m mad jealous I wasn’t part of the chat. Bummer none of our ‘crew’ won, but we always have next year, and I’m pretty sure I’ll attend. It’s so much fun looking at your old layouts in colophon, ah the memories 🙂



  2. It was a fun time, wish you and mark could have been there. Yes, we will rock next year! I really want to attend next year, it all depends on money and if i’ll be studying then. Ahh, old layouts. I still love ‘the coke one’. 😀


  3. Hey! This layout is so adorable… I love monkeys. Awww.. dont worry about not winning. There will always be an next year… or next up comming event. 1<3


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