I’m on strong pain killers at the moment for an unknown chest pain, and they seem to be making me forget simple things. Today, someone asked me where my shoes were and I thought…

“Shoes… WTF are shoes?”

It was like I’d never heard the word before in my life.

The unknown chest pain (that will hopefully be known tomorrow arvo after a trip to my doctor) has been with me for about three weeks. It started as an annoying pain, and slowly progressed until this weekend when it became a ‘please knock me unconscious with a steel pole’ pain (or PKMUWASP pain for short). Breathing was hard, coughing was not done and sneezing was re-named ‘stabbing myself in the back’.

At first, I tried all possible over the counter medications to kill the PKMUWASP pain, but nothing helped ease it. So after two sleepless nights I went to a doctor, whom I’ve never seen before, and told him about the PKMUWASP pain. He said my cheat was clear and wanted me to get some X-rays done at the hospital. He then gave me a prescription for a pain killer (which I like to call it the ‘shoe forgetting medication’) and told me to rest. And rest I did. Not that I was given a choice in the matter, the shoe forgetting medication knocked me out without asking about a rest schedule first.

Tomorrow, I plan on asking for a different medication, one which will let me remember what shoes are and make resting decisions on my own.

I went to my doctor this arvo, it turns out it’s a back problem. My doctor said the name of it, but as with all medical things, it was too long to remember. It’s related to an old back/neck injury from a car accident, the injury is causing stress and damage else ware. My back isn’t in good shape and I need some physiotherapy to fix things. I was going to wait and try to get some health insurance first, but my mother said she’d pay for it since it’s causing damage. Damage is not good. So I have to rest this week then get some physio. And i’m still on the ‘shoe forgetting medication’ for the pain.

46 Comments on “PKMUWASP pain”

  1. I hope you feel better soon. Take it easy. Always get a second doctors opinion if in doubt.
    Does patting the cat make you feel better ?

    Bye for now,


  2. Oh dear! That sounds way too familiar. I’ve been suffering with something similiar since August last year. The first eight weeks were the worst but then it settled down and now comes and goes. Had lots of tests. Docs have no clue. So I basically live on panadeines, uber-breathing medication and the occasional supplemnatary drug everytime my doc has a new theory. The worst thing is that it affects my energy levels and ability to concentrate. Hope you have better luck. By the way your site looks great!


  3. Hehe you’re funny. Not that a PKMUWASP pain is something to joke about.. it’s very serious. I imagine. I hope your PKMUWASP pain clears up soon.


  4. Hey I suffer form Astmah and I know hwat your goin thru it does hurt. a little over 3months ago I had Phnemonia (I think thats how you spell it?) and well I felt the same way. But hey I do hope you remember what shoes are and feel better soon!!!!!!


  5. the medication sounds like vicodin. it messes with your head. I had it after I got my wisdom teeth scooped out, when my face was the size of a dinner plate.


  6. Saw your site today, It is pretty good :). Nice work you do..btw, you do need better fonts, don’t you think these are hard on eyes?

    BTW abt the pains, wondering if you get dry burps, and having upset tummy recently? I don’t think you feel like coughing of sneezing, do you? Or is something eating you from inside (some tensions?). Odd questions to put on, but well.


  7. Maybe you should try some Jamu – local Indonesian medicine that supposedly cures “anything” πŸ˜‰

    I really hope you are feeling better though.


  8. Malach, you were not the only one to notice. Friends and family have pointed out that I’m more sarcastic on medications.

    Thank you all for the well wishes. πŸ™‚


  9. Holy Jesus! How many boyfriends do you have Kitta? That back injury really threw the gasoline on the suitor fire didn’t it? I mean you’re hot, but damn. You got these dudes head over heels. I do have to say you have a rare sense of humor that I admire. Oh my god, I’m falling into your seductive web! site.


  10. Kitta i just have to say thanks, its always really nice reading your blog, im not sure why, i guess there is just a sense of honesty there and its nice to see. I enjoy reading your blog when i can, so i do hope the back problem clears up quickly and its not too painful.

    best regards, shaan


  11. Thanks Bob. I seem to be getting used to it now though, it took a few days.

    Malach, arvo is aussie for afternoon. So yes, you can have an arvo.

    You know, saying my sites font ‘sucks’ doesn’t really help Xman. You should try to be more detailed with your criticism. I have been thinking about changing the font type (in the main, side bar and content sections) for a while though.

    Shaan, I’m glad you like my blog and I’m sure once I get some physio my back problems will clear up. πŸ™‚


  12. Ahh Sorry .. My mistake, even I hate when someone tells me my site doesn’t look so good without pin pointing what exactly is wrong. Sometimes I do feel like hitting back on them for hurting my creative ego.. hehe.. I hope I didn’t do that.
    BTW, Since the money slapped me while going through the source .. I dunno what font size you are using, how abt give it a lift 9px 10px? And font fmly verenda, arial, san-serif,. infact helvetica..thats a nice fnt a starightforward yet classy font true to your spirit.

    Well that apart, Get well soon.. I guess your wish list will grow while in bed resting.. umm well… recommends comics.. they have magical healing powers. Dont anyone dare raise an eyebrow.. they really do!


  13. Xman, that’s ok. You’d have to view my CSS file to see what font I’m using, but it’s mostly Tahoma 10px, I’d like to change it verdana. Might do that later, I’m trying to find some software for a friend’s computer which I’m fixing at the moment.

    Haha, I’m not really a comic person. More of a book person. I was in bed today for a few hours reading a book. πŸ™‚

    Dan, no I haven’t seen the latest Hubble image, link?


  14. Hmm, I thought those were <8px fonts. Looks same in Firebox and IE.
    By the way, what subjects interests you in reading. Ever read Richard Bach’s books? I like to read them when I have time.
    And yeah Dan, Hubble link plz, I wanna see it too..


  15. Ouch about the pain, but I hope your not in the same boat as me. Meaning I hope that your pain isn’t chronic. I hurt my neck about 12 years ago and I still get back/headaches bad enough to cause me to pass out occasionally. But as what you’re feeling sounds close to what I have I’d suggest you get away from the pain killers (they just cover the pain) and get a muscle relaxer to make the pain leave completely.

    Nice page btw.


  16. A get well car…errrm…comment for you. Almost the same as a card, but its even more biodegradable seeing as its virtual and consists of a few pixels and not anything damaging to the environment.

    This is the part where you ask me what a card is. And I agree, your funny bone is up there when you’re drugged. I chortled, but didn’t lol. But I did chortle like I’ve never chortled before.


  17. Alright, what you described sounds really terrible. Now if I were you I had two possible choices: either you try to find a proper doctor who can diagnose and heal you, or you should probably look for some kind of more serious drugs but that doesn’t have any incomfortable side-effects.
    If you want a life, try the former; if you don’t really care, you can just go for the other. That doesn’t as really bad as it sounds, believe me. Or at least not for a while πŸ™‚


  18. Damn, get well soon Kitta, I know the pain you’re going through, I had roughly the same thing and it made me miss an entire year of university, mine was scarring on the lung, not being able to stand up or breathe properly. It’s pretty shit isn’t it?

    Get well soon ^_^ put ya feet up for a while.


  19. Hey Kitta hope yuo get better soon, good luck with the physio.

    I really like your current wallpaper, can you url me or email it?

    Cheers etc,



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