Sharpish bobby pins

Harry Boo

I was woken this morning by a knocking at my door. At first I thought it was someone knocking on a door in my dream, so I answered my door in the dream. No one was there. Then it hit me “Your dreaming, wake the hell up”.

I get up, trying not to smack my knee into my bed post because I can’t see anything through my blurry, sleepy eyes. Open the door and some boxes are shoved into my arms. “Package for you” said my brother, although it sounds more like “Markage por boo” due to my brain still being half asleep.

I sat down on my bed and tried to rip open the first Amazon package, they really should have some sort of instrument to help you here. Like a complimentary tape ripper thing. Excitement alone doesn’t help. I found a sharpish bobby pin (Don’t fuck with me, I have sharpish bobby pins lying around) and tore the tape on the package. It’s a book, Diary: A Novel by Chuck Palahniuk. Thank you, Chris S. I read a page or two and forget about the other package for a minute or two.

The second package is easier, it has a ‘tear here’ part to it. I knew those people at Amazon were thinking of the half asleep package openers when they made this box. It’s another book, Angelina Jolie’s Journals by Angelina Jolie. Fantastic, I really wanted this book. Thank you, Robert S.

Harry walks in, he has that ‘I’m not well’ stare is his eyes. Yes, even though he’s my brother’s dog I know all his stares. From ‘I’m hungry’ to ‘I have fleas’ and even ‘There a storm coming, please let me in for I am scared’. I get up, sigh, give him a cuddle and start singing some Hunna’s and he perks up, then he lays down abruptly on one of the Amazon boxes.

22 Comments on “Sharpish bobby pins”

  1. Ohhh, I love getting packages.. Although I hardly get them, Mum gets stacks daily due to her beading obsession. Quite fun to open, but I know what you mean.. The rip ones are the best, I hate ones where you have to go rummaging around trying to look for a sharp object to rip it open with, it takes like 5403584 years and then what normally happens is, there is another 2/3 layers of plastic, further 5740854 years. 😛 By the time you get to the package, it becomes unexciting.

    Angelina Jolie eh? That book would be quite interesting, I love Angelina Jolieee. Have a great weekend Kitta!! 🙂 x


  2. they say an owner always looks like there dog, in this instant and after studying the available pictures i think that the statement is false,,, your dog is ugly but cute with it, and kitta mate, yur just cute, but i do think you have small simularities as regards your dogs looks weird hu .lol


  3. Stu, man. I know you’re joking, but are you saying that Kitta looks like a dog? Besides, it’s her brother’s. So, her brother’s weird looking. And, if you saw the Christmas photos, he kind of is.


  4. Angelina’s journals was a good choice! I got in back in October when it first came out (I have a slightly unhealthy Angelina Jolie obsession) and it was amazing to read. Her thoughts go into such detail and you really start to feel for the people she writes about.


  5. I’m always impressed when I see sites like this, where people share their entire life with others.
    And this page has an edge to it that I haven’t found in others…

    I guess it’s because the author is an interesting person, and the site is so… I don’t know… complete.
    You really do gather all your life here, don’t you Kitta?

    Some time, y’know – in the future, when I get the thumb out of my ass – I’m gonna make a page like this about me.
    Not exactly like this, of course, but inspired by it 🙂

    I would tell you to keep up the good work, but I got a feeling this page is far more than just work…


  6. Wow bobbypins, hmm I have a similar situation, where things are laying around when ever I need them only its always knives. i’m rarely out of arms reach of a kife when I need one.


  7. I love the suspense within the opening dialog. Wonderfull description of time and setting. Kitta I do beleive you would make a wonderfull novelist!! Happy Friday!!


  8. you are lucky for those packages!! I have read Fight Club by Chuck, and I loved it. And I love Angelina Jolie… so those book sound really interesting to me. I’ll have to look around for them.


  9. Thanks Dan, I’m glad you like my writing style.

    I love ‘fight cub’ the movie, but I really want to read ‘fight club’ the book. Sometimes the books have a bit more to them then the movie.


  10. Your welcome. I’m a big fan of Angelina, both for her work on and off the stage. I fine her extremely beautiful, but not only in her features, but in her commitments to others. She doesn’t fit the typical Hollywood mold. Enjoy the read.


  11. Kitta bebe you do need to start targeting to a new window (target=”_new”)…

    Damn yooooooooooooouuuuuuuu!! lol…I never get anything from my wishlist.

    Oh, wait, I have no wishlist. Rats.


  12. How was the shipping? Being a gift, how long did it take?

    So, who cares. Your gifts reminded me of an interesting post and site I came across when listing my blog at a Seattle blogs collection – don’t know why Zenslut caught my eye, but it’s another good site … unfortunately, not as happy an amazon experience:

    “thank you, amazon, for KISSING MY GODDAMN ASS” –

    It’s a Greymatter.


  13. Luke, I don’t use the target=”_new ” because I use Mozilla Firebird. Mozilla Firebird (and a few other browsers) uses tabs, so sites that don’t let the user decide on new windows or no, can become annoying for the user. It’s also not valid in XHTML 1.0 Strict, which I’d like this site to be one day.

    Mark, I’m sure she’ll love it. I’m about 30 pages in and I can’t wait to read more.

    Nom, I’ve never had any trouble with Amazon. It only took a few weeks for the package (that I knew about) to get here, and it got here earlier then expected. Sometimes credit cards hold up orders online though, they have to do random checks and such and that takes a few days. But I’m happy they do that, it helps stop credit card theft.

    Victoria Secret is the best online store I’ve ordered with, and I’m not saying that because they sell g-strings. 😉


  14. I wish the Indonesian mailing system would be trustworthy enough for people to send me stuff!

    Then again, I still don’t think my readers would do it!


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