Good Afternoon

Do you know what bugs me? Bad phone manners. I rang up somewhere today to find out some prices and they answered with “Fhathy dasskit plbuoof”. I couldn’t understand a thing they said because they said it so fast. I replied “Excuse me?” and they said the same thing, except this time much faster. I asked for the place I was ringing and they said “Yeah” (finally a word at normal speed) and then I asked about the prices.

That really bugs me. When answering a phone, you should say “Good morning/afternoon/evening, [Name of business]. [Your name] speaking, how may I help you?” and say it at normal speed which people can understand. Otherwise I might be put off from buying products/services from the company you work for!

Kitta: dude, do you have an icon of zeldman as your aim icon?
Tay: uh oh
Tay: hehe
Tay: maybe
Tay: you’re jealous arent you
Tay: you are
Tay: i can tell
Tay: you heart zeldman
Kitta: lol
Kitta: yeah, I want to have zeldmans babies
Tay: Don’t WE ALL!
Kitta: haha
Kitta: you’re a dork
Tay: mm zeldman babies
Tay: little semantic toddlers
Kitta: little bundles of validating joy
Tay: valid zeldman 2.0’s

17 Comments on “Good Afternoon”

  1. Ya know, I had somethin’ important to say but it has escaped me. Sorry ’bout this pointless drivel here then but I already had the page up and Dammit, I was gonna post.


  2. How can you say that drivel is pointless? It’s stream of consciousness. Babbling on the other is pointless…talking about nothing for ever and ever, on and on, repeating yourself over and over…


  3. kitta! what the h? i don’t know who zeldman is or in what context the word, “validating” is being used. but i do know you are weird – and funny. i just read your land of chunder post. that was hilarious. you’re great. i’m saving oprah dreams though.


  4. When I’m at work, i’m very articulate on the phone. I say good morning/afternoon Ella speaking, how may I help you (we aren’t allowed to say who we are unless they ask lol). But I’m pretty confident that you don’t wanna by my products/services anyway!


  5. You are always articulate on the phone Ella, even when you ring me and talk to mum. You have a perfect phone/radio voice too. Queen of the phones!

    You never know Taylor, maybe he has you as his icon. But most likely it’s his cool zeldman icon.


  6. I know what you mean about bad phone manners, I was telemarketing so we our manager used to give us the biggest lectures.. I think I have a pretty clear phone manner though than most, haha.

    Lol @ the conversation.. xoxx


  7. Horrible phone manners can be sad, rude, yet funny if you can have a laugh about it, if not and you’ve had a bad day they can set you off like nothing else on this earth.


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