Broken Resolutions

On New Years Eve I made a resolution. It wasn’t to quit drinking so much coke or to go join a gym, it was something I thought I could achieve within a month. I was so wrong.

That resolution was to reply to all my emails sitting in my inbox. All 200 of them. I did start with good intentions, one afternoon I sat myself down told myself I would not move. Even if a pack of rabid monkeys were chewing my arm off, I would not budge (unless they started to eat away at my brain, that’s never good). After 2 hours I was hungry, headachy and bored. So I gave up, and now 2 month after new years my email has reached 300+. Clearly, I didn’t even make a dent in it during those hungry, headachy 2 hours.

Maybe I’m doing this all wrong, take a home loan for example. If you try to pay off a home loan with a medium amount of money at one time you’ll get no where. But, if you pay it off with small amounts of money at a set time you’ll slowly eat away at the home loan until your debt free.

So let’s do some math. There around 300 email in my inbox right now. I get about 5 emails a day which aren’t that important and I don’t reply to right away, if I reply to at least 15 emails a day I’d be making a 10 email dent in the build up. That’s so long as my email doesn’t increase by 5 daily.

Hmmm. I’ve just realised that during the time it took to write this entry I could have replied to at least 10 emails. Bugger.

13 Comments on “Broken Resolutions”

  1. You really reply to all those emails you get?
    I stopped writing back when I had about 10 emails a day since it was very time consuming, and there are still other things to do 🙂


  2. You should try to make email fun again. I’m sure that one of the reasons u started would have been to interact with people. And I would think you have suffered the email wrath of perverts, knobs and the boredom of randoms, causing you to be on the back foot when it comes to interaction with new people. This could be why email is now a chore. So I think u need to regain sum trust in people and open up to a few of the emails so you can get to know people that don’t fit in the afore mentioned categories, this way you have something to gain and email becomes more than just a waist of your time.


  3. Actually Dr Phil (chris) that’s not the reason why I don’t reply to emails so quickly. I tend to let them all build up because I never have time to reply to them. It’s not a chore and I like reading/replying to my emails. I have a forum in place to chat with people and ‘open up’. Email is for quick or important questions, not life stories.


  4. At work I try to keep my Inbox at a 20 message maximum. Clean up my inbox daily and everything is neat, it does not stress me out.

    At home on the other hand, I’ve got something resembling 250+ emails in my Inbox, and rarely respond the same day.

    Perhaps we should make a joint effort out of cleaning out our inboxes and responding to every email that deserves a response?


  5. Require people you don’t know to answer a skill testing question correctly. If the answer is incorrect, and not at the top of the email, don’t bother reading. That will filter out all the riff-raff


  6. The simple solution is this: Control + A, Delete All, Yes.

    “What do you mean you sent me an email about the eviction? You know the internet is a big place, you should send stuff twice.”


  7. What do so many people possibly have to say to you? How can you have that many emails and not have them be junk? I’ve only ever sent two I think, and those were short and for very important reasons. Permission to spam the forum. Which I’m gonna do one of these days. Or perhaps just find a thread and change everyones replies to a long pointless story about something or other. That would be fun too. Yay mod powers! (please dont take them away I won’t be bad promise…well…bad is such a relative term…I’ll be funny when I’m bad, promise.)


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