I can't be bothered Wednesday

Chilling like a monkey

I think I speak for most people in Perth when I say ‘fuck you western power’.

We pay our bills and you order us to not use any “non-essential power” today (i.e. air conditioning, pumps, ovens, microwaves, dryers, washing machines, computers, and probably even life support). You practically shut down half of the industry in Perth and if we didn’t do as we were told you threatened to fine us $1000 to $10,000. Yes, we did what you said, but we are not happy about it.

It’s officially ‘I can’t be bothered Wednesday’, a day in which everyone was grumpy, hot and couldn’t be bothered doing anything. Business’s were shut, pools were full, and western power was hated today. I think it should be made a public holiday to pay tribute to West Australians that had to put up with today’s bullshit.

39 Comments on “I can't be bothered Wednesday”

  1. they pulled it off at about 2pm I think. the whole “we-want-to-make-you-all-suffer-and-fine-you-$1000-for-protecting-yourself-from-the-heat” tactic. assholes. stupid, stupid western power.


  2. I think I can commiserate a little, but not to the same extent. So from all of us in SA… FUCK YOU WESTERN POWER!! Oh.. and a cheery fuck you to Alinta Gas too… for possibly being the most unhelpful utility EVER! hahahaha Love you KITTARSE!


  3. Dude, stop calling me ‘kittarse’! ๐Ÿ˜›

    My air con is still broken, cold baths are my only friend.

    I hope some of you like the monkey picture, I spend a good hot and sweaty 10 minutes doing it.


  4. There is a power issue on the Gold Coast too. We keep getting power losses nad varying amounts of power distributed. Damn power plants.


  5. I managed to be in Alaska when California suffered from the energy scam that resulted from deregulating our “public utilities.” (I also managed to be out of town for the Northridge earthquake 10 years ago–do I have good karma or what?), so it’s only in theory that I can sympathize with you. But I’ll join you in saying “Fuck Western Power.” Fuck Enron, too. Fuck Southern California Edison.

    Hope it cools down or something,



  6. Kitta while you suffer through your heatwave we are suffering through a Blizzard. So far form 8pm -10:20am we got like 50cm of snow. And there is an estimated 15-25 more today. The city which me mark and pugs reside in is Shut down too!!!

    So you keep hot and we will freexe!!!


  7. Blame the little red monkey its one of his evil plans to freaze and/or cook everyone so then he can take over the world.

    Or i could just be full of shit


  8. Hi Kitta, just playing with the alpha version of ms longhorn. appears to work.. though very buggy!! Sorry this has nothing to do with priar blogs. Well gotta go crunch more code.. bye:)


  9. I was so exited at the little Red Monkey, I almost Spanked my Monkey, LOL….. HaHaHaHa. No really I love it. I wish i could do stuff like that, How about making a monkey with a little tin cup that collects Moneys, I hope you are not as Bummed about Heat problem as you sound, I really get a crappy attidude toward , after knowing my freinds are suffering will , the western Air hogs, are living it up, and You know there Laughing, that makes me even more pissed, Dam them all.


  10. Stu, they said that there was a problem with the gas lines and also said we were all using too much power. Which pissed people off, we pay for the power we use.

    Two of the the directors/managers lost their jobs over it. And everyone is telling the last guy to resign. They’re really fucked up.


  11. That’s bullshit with the power.If you pay for the power, you should be able to use it whenever you want.That really sucks! Oh..and uhm..sorry about your monkey.He did get spanked ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. I think the issue wasn’t restrictions Shae but that the manner in which they were enforce. ie: Threat of fines. If there had been minor fines and fair warning in advance of the situation perhaps it wouldn’t as big a deal. The company did not have enough power to go around. To place some restrictions with fines is reasonable in the situation to avoid power outages, which are bad. Not because your AC went off and its hot as hell, because there are places that need power to keep the country running. Hospitals, business, government buildings. The power company dropped the ball and found themselves without power. Perhaps it wasn’t really their fault, I don’t know. But they took it out on the people who pay for the service, who weren’t to blame. Perhaps if they’d paid people a portion of their electric bills back instead for the day they wouldn’t have as much access to power. And so everybody lost.


  13. Every summer we get a ‘hose-pipe’ ban (must cause the Fire service havoc!) …… meaning you’re not allowed to waste water on your garden! I never have the balls to ring up the ‘hose-pipe ban police’ to moan about next door going against this ruling and putting their sprinklers on 24/7!

    Ian ๐Ÿ™‚


  14. I heard about that. How fricken ridiculous. You have to wonder how many people were taken to hospital because of heat exhaustion and such. All because of western power!

    It must have been horrible Kitta!


  15. Just came across your site by accident, great site, been messing about with my own for the last few months. Been to Perth twice, I have got family there. The warmest I experienced was 42c in Dampier up north! At the moment in England it is just above freezing with a biting east wind, would love to be in Perth now on holiday lol Check this cam, it is in Italy, i was there snow boarding last winter http://www.multimediaview.com/live/210.jpg
    Hopefully it will cool you down. Always remember, the utilities are just as much fun in England lol


  16. Wow, sounds like it sucks down under. Up in Scotland it is freezing, snowing a bit right now actually, but after reading this I appriciate it a bit more. ๐Ÿ™‚


  17. Hi kitty!
    Things are hard, and also in the west. Im sorry that life can be shit! But life is to learn. Even if thoughs lessons are hard. But thats the point to learn to not react. Were all being shafted by the ones that dont give a shit. I am an English man that is trying to find a truth (or has found a truth) that will let the people see the great lack of integrity of the honisty of who you would like to stop. I have a wife and a four year old doughter. And I would like to give them a fair world to injoy. Karma is not the problem. It is the denile of karma that is keeping us in ignorance of what we are and how to become what we are to become!
    Love Chris, Now Im going to spank my monky thanks!


  18. Fuck you Western Power!!! No wait…. The power to the west of me (Ottawa) definitly woundn’t be the same power to the west of you…. Oh well, Fuck them too!


  19. the world sucks, and so does utility providers!! hey, people, what do you think of Alinta Gas? Are you satisfied with them?


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