Forecast, Sultry

It’s currently 40.5° in Perth and even with the air conditioning up high and blasting out of the air vents I still feel uncomfortable in this humid weather. They say there is a chance of a thunder storm, so I am hoping and dreaming of thundery things today. is up for Best Australia Camsite in the 2004 Cammies, please go vote for it. I want to say thank you to all the people who nominated and to anyone who’s voting for it. Also I’ve noticed there aren’t many prizes for the winners, so donate something fun if you can.

I’m going to go find a friend with a pool before I start to melt.

15 Comments on “Forecast, Sultry”

  1. That’s funny that it’s so warm there becuase it is EXTREMELY wet and windy here. We’re supposed to get flooding, I think. Want me to send you a nice bucket of rainwater to help cool you off?


  2. Holy cats that’s hot. I’ll tell ya what, it’s -10C here so if you send half of the heat up my way we’ll be almost comfortable and you will too. You recommend the Bill Bryson book?


  3. Air con is still broken, I think it may have overheated. It just won’t turn on. We have to get someone out to fix it. The power keeps going out too, at which point I make the most horrified face and jump into a cold shower (for the 10th time today) until it comes back on. And Western Power (the power company) is fining people $1000 for using “no-essential power”, wtf mate! [Link]


  4. Hi u have a hot summer, like us in July and August ! I m introducing myself : Jérôme, a French guy in a cold country (now we have only 10° max). I have got a question for all the Aussies here and for u Kitta in particular : what do Australian people think about France and French ? Thank u see u have a good day !


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