Design and such

What a nice surprise. was mentioned in Lars Holet’s entry on ‘Well-Designed Weblogs‘ yesterday. Its volume 2 in a series of entries on good design and lists some inspiring sites and I was happy to find in the mix.

I’m never really satisfied with my site, I tweak daily, but it feels good to be recognised and know that my tweaking is worth it. Thanks Lars. πŸ™‚

Speaking of design, I have no idea where I got the link from, but this color wheel is fantastic. It informs you if a color is web-safe, web-smart or un-safe. It’s one to bookmark.

11 Comments on “Design and such

  1. Congratulations Kitta! πŸ™‚
    First time to commetn here… but I have been reading your site since I started blogging last May.
    Funny, i am also going to write about that color wheel later today, I found it at

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  3. Congrats!! I have been visiting your site since Dec.2003. You deserve the mention. BTW, I think I have read Hot Zone. I agree it was a good one. -Philippines

  4. Searching google for kitta porn brought back your site as the first 2 results, and mine as 3 and 4. Or so I hear.. I wouldnt actually know.

  5. Congrats for being mentioned as one of the well-designed blogs! You deserve it, Kitta. πŸ™‚

    And thanks for the color wheel link. Heaven knows I need something like that.

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