I'd like to thank…

I'd like to thank Janet's boob, I mean Janet.

Some wanker(s) thought that it would a fantastic idea to edit out every acceptance speech during last night’s Grammy’s on channel 7. No, it wasn’t a fantastic idea. I wanted to hear Justin Timberlake’s apology for the super bowl boob incident (or ‘malfunction’ as he put it).

So I have no idea who thanked god, who cried and who has way too many friends and should have just thanked the whole entire world.


I downloaded the new Firefox today. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, I urge you to do so, it’s everything you need in a browser and more. Also, check out this post on the design process that went into the nifty Firefox logo.

Me: “Mmm, cheese.”
My Brother: “What?”
Me: “Lets play the mmm game, I say ‘Mmm (a food type)’ and you reply with ‘Mmm (another food type)'”.
My Brother: “Ok. Mmm, money.”
Me: “You can’t eat money.”
My Brother: “Yeah you can.”
Me: “Alright, eat some money then.”
My Brother: “Nah, I’m not that hungry.”

20 Comments on “I'd like to thank…”

  1. Well that just sucks, they screened it here in qld in the afternoon from 12 until 3.30 and it would appear they showed it all.
    The conversations you have with your brother always seem to be rather amusing.


  2. They must have showed it all over there, but over here they put it on quite late and didn’t show the whole thing.

    Xenia, they probably did it to save air time. 😐


  3. The grammy’s were allright I suspose I don’t like watching them so much anymore. The main reason is I don’t listen to as much main stream music anymore I guess. But it turns out the superbowl boob incident wasn’t an accident. Janet Jackson was going to wear a red bra underneith that black S&M outfit. but she decided to bare a bare boob.(with a little sun shaped decal and a nipple ring) She susposedly descided at the last minute to go bare and told Justin.(I read this all in the News paper and heard it form Mark’s gf Janet) But i think she just wanted to sell more records. Her new album came out this week or last and the new single is quite happy and upbeat. But I must go so later!


  4. Eeep, I missed the grammy’s, just like I miss everything else like that, haha. Oh wait. I think I watched the oscars, haha. I gotta remember these things somehow.. But they go on forever. =X

    Lol @ the conversation, you two remind me of our conversations at home, hehehe. Silly. xo


  5. yeah, the grammys weren’t too excited. i did a chewed-up rehash on my site. timberlake gave a condescending apology in all his grubby, unshaven glory. beyonce molested the floor and belted out some tunes about being crazy, desperate and in love. whatever.

    you can eat money. it doesn’t digest well… so i hear.

    yeah, the 70s are over, but jet fucking rocks. i think coolness intimidates some people.


  6. Hmmm… they didn’t really edit anything over here (in the US, Oregon). Justin’s boob thing was kinda funny, kinda old. It’s a good thing I recorded it on to DVD so I can get through all of the stupid stuff. It wasn’t as awesome as I thought it would be.


  7. you know what was even worse for me was that i was online with all my friends from brazil and they were getting the feed a good 5 minutes before us gringos so after a 1/2 hour of putting up with, “yeah man justin can act or dylan’s son got crazy coke in him” i had to put everyone on ignore til it was over otherwise they woulda ruined it for me.


  8. I could use some help here …. with orical. The new mozilla will not accept my anniciator to log into a propiotorie software here ( Sorry , my spelling sucks) . Any help wold be greatly appreciated.


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