WordPress 1.0.1

I updated to the latest version of WordPress today. Normally this would be easy, because WordPress isn’t hard to upgrade, but I have a cold. So the simplest things turn out to be the hardest things. It took me over 1 hour to figure out the database was upgraded and the error messages were normal and not to be concerned about. Grrr. It would have taken me only 5 minutes if my brain wasn’t in ultra slow mode.

I should have spent today in bed, watching the ‘Labyrinth’, ‘Dark Crystal’ and ‘The Luscious Grassy Place Movie’ – I mean, ‘Return To Oz’ – which I scored for $10 each over the weekend.

Anyways, there are still a few things that need tinkering with, such as:

  • Re-install the mobile hack
  • Re-install the since last visit hack
  • Install comment blacklist hack
  • Re-do the smiley codes
  • Install the grin hack
  • Re-code the content (which I’ve been meaning to do for ages)
  • Fix the CSS shadow effect around images
  • Find out if there a stats hack for this version
  • Check if it all validates

Fun times.

31 Comments on “WordPress 1.0.1”

  1. You and your damned colds. I hate the feeling of being sick and actually trying to use your brain, as well. A one minute task could turn out to be a 3 hour task because you feel as if you can’t hear yourself think. I hope you get all your stuff upgraded and everything goes smoothly. All you need is for your site to go down again and deprive us all of your witty blogs πŸ™‚

    P.S. Well done on scoring the $10 movies…sweet.


  2. Hey, do you think you could invite me to Orkut again? Something was wrong with the site on my computer and I lost your email…It would be highly appreciated. Thank you!


  3. Wokring with a cold can be like doing surgery with those big fingerless mittens on.. πŸ˜‰ Seems that the upgrade or your cold messed up some of your links.. Just so you know half your site doesn’t work anymore.. Hope you get it all working again!


  4. How is it you can be sick so often when you live in such a hot place? I rarely get sick (though when I do watch out) and I live in eastern Canada, where its damp, in the spring and fall, and cold and damp all winter!


  5. Kitta, you need some warm soup, and rest! Get off the pc for a bit and relax! Sorry to sound bossy. I hope you start feeling better. Oh ya, here in Minnesota it is -8F right now . Wow a warm streak!!
    See ya…Danno


  6. Luke, the stats hack was a hack by a WordPress user. And I’m not sure if they’ve updated it for 1.0.1. It might work though. And what do you mean by normal blogging software? There is no normal blogware, they all have pro’s and con’s and the user should pick the best one for them. The best one for me is WordPress.

    Niels, the links aren’t messed up. I’m just not using the old link system. so I need to re-code some of the content like I said in my post.

    Steve, I haven’t been sick since last November when I had that UTI. And you can get summer colds. It’s not the coldness which brings on the flu, it’s when you get inside and start to get warm when the flu starts to take action.


    Anyways, I am feeling a bit better today after a good nights rest. πŸ™‚


  7. You lucky girl, how/where’d you score the movies? I’m desperate for the Labyrinth and Dark Crystal but I only know of one place that has Dark Crystal (for $40) and no Labyrinth.

    Steve, colds are easy to catch here in summer, I live in the state next to Kitta’s (South Aus) and I normally get one at the start of summer and at the end (near my bday). Summer colds suck, so get well soon Kitta!


  8. Hi kitta πŸ™‚ Been really long and I’m finally back. Like the simple layout, especially the blue. I’m thinking of switching to some other blogging software but Im just unsure of which one… i’ll checkout wordpress while ure at it ;p


  9. I’ve had a cold twice this summer, I also had one in November. Fortunately for me they only ever last a day or two, because when I feel it coming on I pump up my vitamin c, rest, and have a break from going to teh gym.


  10. Erin, the place a I got them from is one of those small 1 week only video/dvd stalls you see in the middle of shopping centers.

    Hey Saint, welcome back girl. πŸ™‚

    Luke, yes that’s on purpose. I’m re-coding the content (as i said in my post), so I made them just link back to the blog for now.

    Xenia, thanks for the info on the stats hack. I haven’t got around to it yet, but it’s good to know the old one works. πŸ™‚


  11. OMG you are going to be so mad and so annoyed with me…but when I was deleting a long ass list of junk mail, i didnt pick up my finger soon enough and deleted your email AGAIN (the orkut invitation). I understand if you dont want to do it again, but if you do, I promise I wont fuck up again.


  12. Keddy, if I had $1 for everytime someone asked me that today I’d have enough to buy an iPod by now. The conetent is all down until I re-code it and that includes the webcam link.

    Ok Ash, I set it again. Haha, this is like the third time!


  13. omg kitta! Return to Oz for only $10!!?!?! I have been saying how much I want to get that film on DVD, but I’d so get lost in HMV trying to look for it.. I don’t think I’ll beat $10 though.


  14. Ugh my flu takes over me bod when it’s warm too.. it really suxx!! I’ve had it since Xmas n it wudn’t go away.. so I feel ya! Anyway, thx for the orkut invite a while back, n I’m switchin to WP too so I’ll be seein ya around! πŸ™‚


  15. Just making my request as per your forum thread. If you still have invites for Orkut going then can you please invite me? Just e-mail me or PM me on the forum.

    Not sure if you’re checking these comments anymore so I’ll post the same as in your current entry.



  16. Ooops, vital parts of my previous comment disappeared. Damn. I wanted to say that I really love the new(ish) design, and that there’s only one thing that could be improved on. Or something along those lines anyway…


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