Slow Day

I am having a slow day today. If I could have stayed in bed all day, without being woken up at 10am by an ambitious family member, I’m sure I would have. Because I was in such a slow mood today, I watched ‘The In Laws’. Pretty good movie, made me forget about some things for over an hour, which is what all good movies should do. πŸ™‚

I was looking through my tracking system before and noticed that someone in a forum was talking about the CSS shadow effect around my pictures. Dunstan is the guy to go see about that, check out his entry on how to create the same effect.

I also had to set up a filter to catch any emails that contain the new worm that’s doing the rounds. I’ve noticed the file sizes are about 30 to 40 kb, may be from a spoofed address (I got one for and contains ‘Test’, ‘Mail Delivery System’, ‘Mail Transaction Failed’ or the popular ‘Hi’ in the subject line. So keep an eye out for that.

To end my slow day I’m going to watch Nip/Tuck later, it started to lag a bit there in the middle but I’m hoping the season final tonight will make up for it.

26 Comments on “Slow Day”

  1. I had to work unfortunately, however, it was a quiet day. 4 for lunch and none for dinner at the restaurant. Whoopie!

    Nip Tuck is pretty good actually, seen two or so episodes.



  2. Moives are great, but bad movies, cause me to think way to much. Tip if you want to enjoy bad movies, don’t learn how to make em.


  3. That Novarg virus hit hard. I’ve received five emails infected with it, and a few others that looked just like it but didn’t seem to have the virus. I’ve found the attachments to be 22Kb for the most part. Hope your filter catches them!


  4. Kitta,

    What is the filter you are using? Is it set up through cpanel?

    I have been getting them from one of my old domains that i’m waiting to expire so i just fail them back to the sender so i hope that they will relise the computer is infected. Anyway i use Thunderbird.


  5. Yo kitta, I live in america but was born is Brisbane. I have been keeping up with your site for a while and I like it much : ) anywho… I’ve had a slow day as well. It is snowing here so no school… Lots of ice wheeee! : D Well keep up the good work. I’ll keep watching you.


  6. I got one spoof email as well. I hate those worms.

    Anyway, you could always turn to your hobby when you feel like you’re having a slow day… πŸ™‚


  7. Jacob, I got about 100 this morning with the virus attached and about 50 without.

    Simon, I use mail washer pro ( ) to check what emails are on the server. You can set up filters to delete, bounce or blacklist certain emails. It’s great with spam and fantastic for viruses like this one. You just set up a filter to delete any emails that look like the virus (i.e. have ‘test’ in the subject).

    Chad, if you don’t start making any sense I’ll delete your comments and block you mate.


  8. Wow I go away for a few months and everything has all changed when I get back, I nearly didnt recognise you kitz…

    merry christmas and happy new years and happy australia day too πŸ™‚


  9. BWAHAHA well, i’m sorry but i think my day was slowest of all! I got to work at 7am like the good lil public servant that I am… and proceeded to visit every person I know in the building! When I left at 4.30, I hadn’t achieved a thing… tried to call some nasty people, and organised my day off for the Big Day Out… thats about all though! Bring on the BDO signing table!


  10. Slow day I wish I can have one of those. Well my day started shredding my old bills and credit statements,junk mail ect that has been laying around my desk for Years. Then around tues 5pm took the train to Nyc to the Knicks/Spurs game at Msg in another Blizzard, I’m so tired of Snow. Please take me away to some nice warm area. Got back around 1am then I had to go to my lovely job at Gerdau Ameri Steel of Sayreville. Got home at wensday 8am to Snow blow my driveway and walkways. went to sleep just got up and now I’m spending lovely time on the computer for awhile to only then go into work at 11:30pm to Roll Steel. Kitta love your website. Hows the weather in Aussie ville


  11. Ooooo,
    I watched nip tuck, that was really good. What sick shit would do that to those poor girls?! I felt so sick…..haha at least he got his revenge at the end!!


  12. Yeah, I love the CSS shadows (I posted the link on Aqua-Soft). I would have used it on my site, but I saw your little ASCII drawings in the CSS file and got scared. πŸ˜›

    Thanks for the help.


  13. I was sick that day! 😦

    Anyway, found your site thru aparently you got some kind of award.. hehe.. well I can see why.. nice work Nikita! I’ll b a freq visitor.. πŸ˜‰


  14. I’m beggining to understand now. I hadn’t figured out why before but now i have…sort of…aah well.

    was about to designated some 5-inchers as headed for Kitta’s house but then my mum bought me ‘Ego, Opinion, Art and Commerce’ -Goo Goo Dolls, and some live in concert DVD’s. They fit perfectly into the covers…tough luck, sorry πŸ˜›


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