Crack problem?

I was reading the newspaper today while waiting for my lunch to cook. I was mainly reading the personal ads, not because I’m ‘looking’, but because there is always at least one ad in there that is a good laugh. Like this one:

Crack problem?

I think the person who placed the ad is talking about the Domino’s pizza ad in Australia, where all the girls act like blokes. But to anyone that hasn’t seen it, the ‘crack problem’ joke might not go down well.

18 Comments on “Crack problem?”

  1. That’s a very nice personal ad! I was reading it thinking, what the hell, and then i re-read it, and I was like ohhh THAT pizza ad!!!! bwahahaha nice that a guy actually WANTS a girl with ass crack showing!!


  2. I enjoy climbing crack, try it its addicting, 2 points of safety always! Oh yea aside from your guysis coke, πŸ™‚ your wine ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ya your RED wine, Yellow label has a pict of a roo on the bottle ask for a “Shiraz” LICK


  3. Kitta, do you really say bloke? Man. Cultural differences are weeeird. Heheh, bloke. What a stupid thing to say. Ya’ll Aussies say weird stuff.
    (Don’t anyone flame me who’s too stupid to realize it’s an ironic joke.)


  4. wtf is Chad on?

    That Dominos Pizza ad is alright, my favourite ad on TV at the moment is teh Hahn Premium Light ad, where the girl is sunbathing next to teh pool and her bloke jumps onto the thing (beanbag?) she’s sitting on, launching her into teh pool.

    I get weird looks at work for my ocker language (bloke/sheila/strewth/flamin’ crows/drongo/etc) but then I grew up with it and it fits in with the circle of friends I have.


  5. Color me completely confused: does anyone have a link to this ad? The only two connections this american can make are plumbers and dope fiends, neither of which would induce this hilarity.


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