Back again

The evil one is sleeping on my lap as I type this, she keeps looking up at me as if to say “Excuse me, I’m trying to sleep here you know. Stop that annoying typing!” .

You’ve probably noticed that was down for a day and a bit, sorry about that, the server it was on didn’t want to play nice (and I just love how it choose to be a complete tosser during bloggie voting, thanks a lot server). So it’s was moved to a nicer one.

Apart from bad mouthing the old server, I’ve been planning an attack of “mum can we get foxtel digital TV”. We already have foxtel, but today I received word that foxtel digital will be coming out soon. I have to plan this attack well, and have a few back up plans just in case the “look at the cool news channels” or eastenders… in digital!” plans don’t work. Wish me luck.

My brother: Oi, it says here that you can ride a horse on a road but not on a freeway.
Me: Yes, that is true.
My brother: I’m so going to get a horse then ride it to uni everyday.
Me: Umm, no.
My brother: That would be so cool, it would piss people off too…
Me: *sighs*

I better stop typing now, the evil one is starting to head butt my hands to get me to stop typing. I am just a pillow to her.

29 Comments on “Back again”

  1. I devised a theory over the course of the Kitta less day that this must be the result of a third-party hacker, hired by the Bloggie Competitors to sabotage Kitta. As no man could ever sabotage Kitta its obviously a woman’s work. That’s our first clue. Someone must solve this mystery! Monkey…I’m looking at you.


  2. Ella Says: Although it is true, one could ride a horse to uni, it’s kinda hard to put a parking ticket under the window of a horse. Also.. you know how you need to clean up after dogs… imagine the size of the bag you’d need for that πŸ˜‰
    Although I can’t deny that I have in fact ridden a horse to school (well, when i went to school) on a pet day! very fun πŸ™‚


  3. Nice to see that you are back πŸ™‚

    Good to hear there was no hacking involved.

    I really do not think Eastenders in digital is much of an argument to get digital TV … its not really much of an argument to get TV at all.


  4. Omg, I didn’t know there is going to be a foxtel digital, definitely upgrading there, haha. What’s the difference anyway. =/

    Your brother is so cute, lmao.


  5. Hey hun,
    Awww your cat is so cute πŸ˜€
    Awesome, I def have to get foxtel digital. I have optus atm, but I am changing back to foxtel because optus suck mega dick.


  6. After a detailed investigation by Agent Mulder and I, it has emerged that:

    1. Scully is no longer on speaking terms with Mulder…
    2. I somehow got recruited by the FBI and now work with Spooky Mulder on cases of the Paranormal
    3. That faecal pellets, intimate bodily secretions and banana peels of a primate (monkey-ish) origin had clogged up the server and caused it to malfunction.

    Mulder and I are hot on the heels of this cheeky monkey Inet-server-rapist, and suspect it to be a monkey rival of the little red monkey from ages past.

    Further research has revealed that John O’Connor knows the identity of this rival-monkey…its is, apparently, the Monkeynator, sent back through time to intercept and destroy the little red monkey before it wins the Bloggies and achieves world-wide fame and domination.

    PS: Monkeynator and associated trademarks are copyright of Luke, to be used in a future film script that shall be stuck in development hell and never be released….


  7. did your family every thought on seeking professorial help for your brother??? after looking at your Xmas I do think he needs it NOW, Day!!!
    He reminds me of an Ax murder lol lol. sorry about that just joking. he is a philosopher. Mind of a still trap, lol lol. Glad to see you up and running again and good luck on the TV thing.


  8. Hi Kitta,

    this is VERY important…in your previous entry about the Bloggies and your server going down I made a comment about a MonkeyNator and stuff.

    I stupidly left my full name in that entry, and now if someone runs a search of my name on Yahoo! I appear on page 3 of the search results linking to this entry. If they run that search and find this entry they’ll eventually find my site….Its very important that they don’t find my website. PLEASE take this very seriously (at least for me). They must not find my site.

    So can you pretty please edit or delete my comment or remove the line where I put my full name on it? PLease let me know that you’ve done this soon as you can please..its very important….


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