75 bottles of coke on the wall

I haven’t been sleeping very well over the last few nights. I spent about five hours last night staring at the roof and trying to trick myself into going to sleep. Which is hard to do when you know what tricks you’re trying to pull on yourself.

1am – “Ok, if you sleep I’ll buy you macca’s tomorrow, how’s that for a deal!”
2am – “So you don’t like being bribed with tasty foods hey? Well, then I’d like to remind you that we do have things to do tomorrow!”
3am – “75 bottles of coke on the wall, 75 bottles of coke, if one of those bottles accidentally falls there will be 74 bottles of coke on the wall. 74 bottles of coke on the wall…”
4am – “I’m going to stop talking to you now, I bet that’s why we’re still up, because I keep bloody talking to you!”
5am – “Go to sleep or I’ll turn on the TV and you’ll have to watch some religious show!”

Funny enough just after 5am was when I got to sleep, clearly myself doesn’t like bible TV. ๐Ÿ˜‰

21 Comments on “75 bottles of coke on the wall”

  1. How can your brain not like bible TV?? What sort of athiest regime is it trying to run?? There is really nothing quite like Bible TV for an absolute laugh! But then again, the last time I watched it, I also had Aerobics Oz Style to switch to in the ads! Bwahahaha! Get some sleep or I’ll send the evil underpants gnomes (yes from Southpark) to steal your g-string collection!


  2. Because I’m so tired I nearly got bitten by a red back spider just now. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Next i’ll be walking into walls.

    Nooooo, not the underpants gnomes!


  3. you mean you dont know the ‘secret’ to sleep late at night ? you grab a warm glass of milk, 2 x Oreo cookies, for you i guess a Coke might do somewhere in there too ๐Ÿ™‚ and watch an episode of Walker Texas Ranger … that show will surely put you to sleep xxooxx


  4. hahah Walker Texas Ranger thankfully I think has been taken off the air! Thank God for small mercies! I really don’t think a hyperactive and non sleepy kitta needs more coke though ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. Hey I used to watch Walker: Texas Ranger. That of course was because there wasn’t anything else on.

    Kitta, Benny Hinn is fucken awesome ok. I’m not sure if it shows in WA, but there’s another show that I used to watch here occasionally, Talking Point. This old bloke sits at a desk and takes phone calls from people with bible questions and/or problems with their lives. It’s seriously exciting.


  6. I prefer the more politically correct “74 recycable beverage containers of non-alcoholic ale substitute on the wall, 74 recycable beverage containers of non-alcoholic ale substitute…”


  7. hehe I read the other day that if you’re not asleep after 40mins of hitting the sack you should get up and do a mundane task….. like hoovering? I don’t think my dad and sister would appreciate that though!?
    Ooh you’ve got horrible creepy crawlies in oz!
    Ian ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. 600,000+ hits and you’re not even selling anything…

    How on earth do you do it? By talking about insomnia….

    And they said the internet made sense…


  9. I know the stop talking to yourself so you can go to sleep one quite well. Takes me bout an hour to shut the fuck up and go to sleep every night. More importantly, 600,000+ hits? Holy crap. Why are there so few forum goers?


  10. Methinks being really really really tired puts you to sleep. a while back wne I couldnt sleep I’d get a shovel and go to my back yard and right there and then, in the middle of the night I’d start to dig a hole. After a while I was just exhausted so I’d go back inside take a quick warm shower to get the dirt off myself and sleep like a baby. I had to quit after the first few people started complaining of falling into the holes in the morning though


  11. when i can’t i just hit kitta’s web site and wammo, i am out like a light
    hehehahahhehehahaha, i am just teasing kita you so sweet person, no really its a great web site


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