Coke + music = love

As I was surfing around some random sites I looked at a coke can on my desk, which was sitting next to the MP3 CD player I received for christmas, and I noticed just how much it looks like a coke can. In fact they seem to make a great couple.


Coke + music = love.

Let this be known as the most random post in history.

29 Comments on “Coke + music = love”

  1. My perfect combination indeed, all I need is my mp3 player, a coke can and maybe twisties, hahaha.. *puppy dog eyes* = Love. Very random entry indeed, gotta love random entries, hehe take care. xoxo


  2. Stalkee, does that mp3 cd player have an am/fm tuner? I’ve had mp3 cd players for a few years now and I honestly dont get why people still buy regular cd players.


  3. PhD, dude aaab comment, FM, gee, ya, it does have FM, Damn thats amazing WOw daahh whaat-evver…

    Kitta, the cd player looks like that fat little kid who always gets bullied by the other “cool” kids, the coke can is a cool kid gone soft, the football jok gone looser, dumped by the most beautiful girl in school who is now trying to make a comeback.

    He sees the fat little cd player as his escape goat, you see an ugly person always look better when standing next to a person that is even uglier than themselves, the same goes for coolness.

    On the up side the fat little looser kid has entertainment value, he can play music unlike the useless empty coke can that had been sodimised by a long straw.

    I guess it the same old story repeated through out high school history, odd couple but it works.


  4. Uhh Gambit wtf “PhD, dude aaab comment, FM, gee, ya, it does have FM, Damn thats amazing WOw daahh whaat-evver…”

    If that was supposed to be sarcastic, I asked because a lot of mp3 cd players I’ve seen DO NOT include an fm tuner. It was a logical question.


  5. Wouldn’t an escape goat be like a diversionary tactic. You throw the goat in front of the gaolers, and while it’s eating their clothes, you escape.


  6. hey, guess what I was told by new bosnian friend Irma hehe I was showing her your site and she told me that in bosnia Kita (Kitta minus one T) means the opposite of a guys you know what hehe I won’t say it but lucky your Kitta and not Kita, neways Ill catch up with you soon just a question do you agree with me on the topic of David bowie stuffing his pants in the labyrinth??? love candy



  7. Have you been watching the adds for American Idol in Australia Kitta, theres this semi naked blonde cowboy they keep showing and I swear hes that cowboy of yours that has your name on it, is it have a look hey I swear it is. Love Candy



  8. Stalker, no it doesn’t have an am/fm tuner. But it’s still cool. And I know what you mean, I burnt like 150 mp3’s onto one CD and I’ve noticed it uses less battery power to play mp3 files.

    Haha, I love that – Cokusic. 🙂

    Gambit, I have no idea what you’re going on about. It’s a CD player and a can of coke dude.

    Candy, yeah I’ve seen the naked cowboy on the idol commercials doing his thing. I do think Bowie has a problem with stuffing his pants a bit too much. And thank you for threatening everyone into voting for me. 🙂


  9. Pugsly, an escape goat is a got that has escaped. The cd player was not intended to bare any blame.

    Puglsy don’t feel bad, we all learn something new everyday. Today I learned that the word “Run” has 79 definitions.


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