Bob the little fat fairy

Damn it was hot in Perth today, like “I wish I had a pool” hot, or “my shoes are melting” hot. My family and I ventured out to the shops to get my brother something to wear to a wedding. Now you have to understand that he never goes shopping. I mean never, ever, ever. I am his personal carrier monkey that is always sent out to get him some networking cable, a uni book or anything else he needs. So taking him shopping was hard and I now have a horrible headache that doesn’t want to go away.

Maybe if I keep repeating “I wish I had a pool” one will just appear out of no where and a fat little fairy named Bob will tell me it’s mine till midnight when it turns into a tree or something else which is non-poolish. ?:/

Anyways, Tay sent me a CD for christmas with some songs on it, and not only are the songs cool, but the CD is extra cool. You may be thinking “so what it’s a CD”, but it’s a CD with eject case thing. I’m like the hip kid with the cool new toy. πŸ™‚ I might order some more of their CD’s in a few months when I save up some money, they’re so cool.

22 Comments on “Bob the little fat fairy”

  1. I wish it was hot here, it was ‘I wish I had a pool’ hot over Christmas/New Years. One day was 43 degrees, EEEK. Sweltering..

    That cd is heaps cool, haha everything fascinates me when its sent over from the US or other places. πŸ˜€

    Hope you had a funfilled weekend, & take care! xxo


  2. I have a clubbing friend who works for them and he gets me free orders in slates of 10…you’d be surprised how many of my offline buddies think they’re cool and want them.


  3. So, Kitta……… you ought to come visit us up here in Canada…. The weathers fine really….. just fine……. we have someone who is working with us for now from Austrailia….. poor guy. It was like -37. something or other and he was sitting in the warehouse and I was saying stuff like…. “this is then end of the world type of cold” and stuff like that…. it was kinda funny


  4. No, no…nothing real or lasting. Simply someone up late at night, opening random doors on the internet, and tonight, your door.

    I hope you get that house on the beach.



  5. * ships her swimming pool to kitta *
    everyone here at home fights over the damn pool coz no1 ever wants to clean it.
    at the moment…it’s pretty clean….blue and sparkling…after much arguing.
    the problem with pools: they are like babies….they take a lot of hard work to maintain and just a little bit of rain can screw up everything.
    enjoy kitta! πŸ™‚


  6. feel free to borrow my pool at any time you wish.. i actually do the cleaning myself, so it actually stays clean! bwahahaha. If you see JJ can you tell him that Adam loves me πŸ˜‰


  7. Jay, you’ll have to ask Tay ( about that. He’s the one that posted it on linkpool (, not me.

    Ella, I’m going to drug you and steal your pool dude.

    John, stop taunting the poor aussie at work. He’s probably having a hard enough time with the toilet flushing the wrong way.

    Luke, the evil-o-meter is a meter of my evilness. And if you have any of those CD’s laying around feel free to send me them!


  8. “Luke, the evil-o-meter is a meter of my evilness.”

    And apparently made by Brad-tronics and stuck nearer evil for a while. You must be decidedly evil…..a minion of the devil…one of many sirens sent out to walk the earth and draw foolish men to their fates in hell. Mwahahahahaha!! …mkay been reading too much Ted Hughes again….he can get addictive you know…in “Hawk Roosting” he talks about ‘my path being straight through the bones of the living’

    “And if you have any of those CD’s laying around feel free to send me them”

    haha fat chance….not only does postage cost an arm and a leg but most of the ones I have are occupied by the greatest music collection of all time ….or to give it a more accurate title…my favourite music….and I can’t excatly keep asking my bud for more more more…he might think I’m just using him. And we don’t want that do we? Hee hee…and besides…royal mail doesn’t deliver to the Australian Outback….or so my six-foot demonic rabbit tells me…


  9. Need a pool use?! must have a awesome supply of hotels with pools in your area? put on a sexy g-string. and jump in I wont tell


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