That's funtastic

Maybe the huge dots above the 'i' was a bad idea...

I made my own font before with the funtastic and used it in the picture above. Hmm. Doesn’t really look like my handwriting, but still cool none the less.

23 Comments on “That's funtastic”

  1. Hi, I have been a fan of your website/blog etc for a while and am a member of amazon but cant for the life of me work out how to get my books that i am reading and my wishlist etc onto my blog.. how on earth do you get them and where do you find them.. oh and i loved back to oz as well and thanks to you was finally able to remember the name of the movie.!!!!


  2. they say you can tell a lot about some one when looking at there hand writing,, kitta your a dirty gurl,, tut tut hehehehahahlolhehehahaaa


  3. I think Nicola meant “how you got the two books and two CDs under the Reading and Listening To sections.”

    Anywho, I would fear my girlfriends handwriting as a font. Mine’s better, and I’ve been compared to that of a doctor. Ack.


  4. kitta ;D whats uppppppppppppppp! erk! well im just saying hi and stuff i havent been on a computer in like a year. πŸ˜€ i miss everyone though tell dani i said hi (if u still talk to her)


  5. Sometimes I can’t even read my own writing… Thats some bad hey? Well I like your font never the less. Check out my new post on Mark’s Site!
    Later KITTA!!!!


  6. Hi Kitta, thank you for the fontfier-link… after 4 tries i had an acceptable result. now i can have my own handwriting on my computer *wow* πŸ˜€
    btw. i read your blog for quite a time and must admit that i’ve been infected with the “blog-virus” by now.. so be prepared for my own flashy, blinking and humming hyperinteractive Weblog πŸ˜‰
    ciao from Germany, Mario


  7. Nicola, I left you a comment about it.

    Brittney, hey girl. πŸ™‚ Dani will probably see your comment.

    Devin, I doubt it’s rigged. I normally don’t put the big dots in my writing, but I wanted to see if it would use them. And it did. It even picked up the badly done ‘r’.


  8. I am disabled and have a monkey to help me live comfortably. When he reads your monkey saying ” I am the most kick ass monkey” , he jumps on my lap and sais “I am God, I am God , give me bananas”, then turns my heating system on full. I then have to buy him bananas to quite him down. Could you please restrain your monkey, because I cannot.


  9. You gotta love blog entries that are about absolutely nothing. Brilliant.

    After I finish my degree the University of Newcastle (Australia) wants me to do a Phd there….apparently they want to stick me in the sea-snake research lab… apart from ‘don’t let the buggers bite you’..any other advice on living in australia? I’m aware of the fact that you Aussies will refer to me as a Pom and buy me condolence drinks each time Australia thrashes England .i.e after every Aus-Eng match….but any other gems of wisdom to depart? Like what kind greeting/handshake/paw-shake is considered polite when I wish to begin a discussion on the particulars of seasnake venom with a rabid ageing Kangaroo of the province of Queensland?


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