The Luscious Grassy Place movie

I borrowed a video of ‘Labyrinth’ from a friend a few days back and watched it today. So many memories came rushing back to me while watching it. I – like many people – loved ‘Labyrinth’ when I was little and couldn’t get enough of it. One of the other old movies I liked as a child was ‘The Dark Crystal’, back in its day I thought the FX in the film was amazing. Another movie I really loved is one I can’t really tell you about, because I can’t remember it. I can remember random bits of them film, and I know I loved it, but I can’t remember the name of it or what most of it was about. So maybe you can help me out, below is a list of some of the bits of the movie I remember:

  • At the start there is a girl (who’s one of the main characters) that’s in a cage which is drifting slowly down a river. There’s lusciously green grass all around and when the cage finally comes to a stop there’s an apple tree or she finds an apple (not to sure, I just remember a bright red apple).
  • She runs into a strange dude on rollerblades (this dude also scared me when I was little) and he takes her to some lady. I think the lady is a queen of the luscious grassy place.
  • As far as I can remember the girl is captured by the queen lady and escapes. Upon escaping she goes into a room where the queen has numerous amounts of heads (no for real, she does) and the girl steals some of her perfume and gets away.

This might not sound like such a fantastic movie (except for the numerous heads bit). And since I was so young when I watched it, it probably isn’t, but it has been bugging me for years. If you know what movie I’m talking about please leave a comment. I’ve been thinking about this movie since I was 11 and I can’t remember the name of it. I don’t want to be 50 and then turn on the TV one day and yell “This is it! It’s the luscious grass movie I’ve been searching for all my life.”

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  1. You know I have this strange feeling I know what movie you’re talking about and that I’ve been thinking about it more years too but sadly I don’t know what it’s called either. I was starting to think I’d imagined it or something.


  2. i think the movie youre thinking of is Return to Oz … Dorothy gets put in a mental home cause of her weird hallucinations about Oz and is given shock treatment … i think. Then she escapes and ends up back in Oz. Do you remember Tick Tock the wind up robot guy and Jack (a guy with a pumpkin on his head) (or am i getting all mixed up now, its been a while since ive seen it) …. how about a flying couch with a moose’s head. And the lunch box tree.

    hope that helps some.
    email me if it does.



  3. Mel, I’m glad you know what movie I’m talking about. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was also starting to wonder if I had just made it all up in my mind or dreamed about it.


  4. Damnit I just looked up Return to Oz on IMDB to help you and now I see someone else solved your problem. Oh well. The crazy couch creature kicked ass.

    Did you notice how massive David Bowie’s package was in the Labrynth when you watched it as an adult for the first time? HUUUGE. He must have a rolled up tshirt down there.


  5. Lol, I’m thinking.. She must be imagining this in her mind, or had a dream about something like that, haha then I realised it was a movie, I only saw bits and pieces of it though. Like Labyrinth, I hardly remember. Is that a book too? Because I think I’ve read it, lol. I read alot of books when I was younger. Now internet is taking over. *evil monkey face* haha.

    You know what my favourite movie was when I was younger? Mum said I used to cry at the end every time, lol Never Ending Story. I watched it the other day and I’m like wtf. I was obsessed with this, why? haha. Now it seems sooo old, and I thought the fx were good, pffft. haha.

    Take care!


  6. at the start of this post i was thinking kitta is a lil nutso 2night but then i started to rember the movie. My fav was the robot with the key in his back. I allways laugh at the pink guys in the labyrinth “take of her head”. This post also freaked me out a lil because over the past 2 weeks i’ve been having lil labyrinth flash backs (no idea why) and asking ppl “have u seen the labyrinth?” and the say “no” so i act out lil bits for them…. and then they run away. Another MUST SEE FLASHBACK is THE GOONIES hahaha “heyyyyyy youuuuuuuu guyyyyyyyyys”.

    thanks for the flashbacks kitta!


  7. hehe I got Labyrinth on dvd for xmas but yet to watch it, its so cool! I remember Dark Crystal although I found that creepy!

    Return to Oz was cool, I liked the little gold man, he was like an army man if I remember rightly. Then there was the moose head that they stuck on a bed to make it fly!?

    How about ‘Willow’?

    Cool site!


  8. ooh ooh and could you please inform me how to do the random speach your little monkey comes out with? I’d like a similar thing for my site, I have a cow just crying out to be able to talk!
    Ian ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Oooooo I lurv the Labyrinth!!! I have it on dvd, the best movie of all time!! I luv Ludo!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh ya, I am adding you to my links section. I lurv your site.


  10. labyrinth was the one with david bowie right, and that little fox fellow who rode a dog?? And at the end she sees all the characters in her bedroom mirror?

    I reckon anyone between 19-25 would probably have watched that film as a kid.

    absolute classic ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. Hey, I’ve been gone for a week so I’m just now seeing this new layout – I think it’s so cute. You always make your pages look really organized and pretty.


  12. I love the movie Return to Oz also. It was much more of a darker movie than the Wizard of Oz, which is the way it was intended to be. I bought the movie on DVD about a year ago, it’s awesome! Just thought I’d add my 2 cents ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. Mark, yes David Bowie’s package is huge. So huge that I missed some of the movie while trying to figure out if it was a sock or some kind of cup. I came to the conclusion he had something sewn into his pants.

    Ian, email me about the random speech code. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  14. anyone see the 2nd or 3rd Never Ending Story films? Strange occurences, acid rivers, but the rock muncher has offspring, its almost as if the first movie was from the imagination of a child, the 2nd was from the imagination of a hyperactive adolescent, and the third was from some adults cashing in on the last breath of a once wonderful franchise. and i was going to watch Labyrinth, but now i’ll be fixated with David Bowie’s cod piece for the entire film, so i think i’ll pass. I’m in the states, so i haven’t had the chance, but have any of you seen Undead? Small Australian Hooror Flick, in the vein of Dead Alive. oh yeah, i like your site, its nice and clean.


  15. Labryinth is the best ever, have it on dvd and I have the soundtrack. Speaking of return to Oz though, I just watched it with my gf yesterday… very odd. I am waiting on amazon to send me dark crystal on dvd, but better than that I found a package (not david bowie’s) that has Legend with Dark Crystal… Anyone remember Legend? Tom Cruise????


  16. Return to Oz is in no video store in australia no one has it…i had to order it on DVD from the states cause no one here in aust sells it either!! though when shopping in perth at those stalls in the shopping centres selling movies…they had a vhs copy for 5 bucks!! the only one there!!! So if you ever want to buy it look in them for it cause its a rare copy if you find it.


  17. Legend was as awesome movie. Return to Oz was grouse, we used to watch it at school back up in Darwin. I didn’t liek Dark Crystal when I was young, the Skeksis freaked me out. I was also freaked out by Watership Down, because I saw it when I was only five or six.


  18. *haaappy sigh* Those are all quality films. I saw “Return to Oz”, the other day….the gnome king is so delightfully eeevil…..gods I miss Jim Henson…..*sob*


  19. Hi ho Hi Ho its …. was there a white stallion? Maybe the perfume was a potion, # Dinner? I mean #Nine wasn’t the apple an orange? Snow white and the seven canadians EH! Tell me how does one attach one of those movable animated pictures


  20. wow labyrinth is fantastic. but although david bowie is a god…what about ambrotus! the dog that th fox rode on. now that is one hell of a cool dog! and the talking hands…they trip u out there scary1 but th dark crystal now thats a classic! fizgig1 another cool dog like creature.i love u MVC man for makin me get it! trynig to remeber if iv seen return to oz…hmmm


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