Mary Carey?

We all get the various ‘enlarge your penis’ spam emails which don’t apply to you (especially if you’re like me and female), but have you ever received an email that has absolutely nothing to do with you? Take this email I received:

From: …………
Sent: Thursday, 4 December 2003 12:49 PM
To: kitta at
Subject: 303,246 potential customers are searching for ‘mary carey’ in Google & Yahoo

Dear mary carey webmaster,

Did you know that 303,246 people daily search for mary carey right now in Google and Yahoo? Did you know that when you type ‘mary carey’ into a Google search you get 1,270,000. Try it! YOUR ‘mary carey’ SITE “MUST” BE FOUND IN SEARCH ENGINES! IMAGINE what would happen to your WEBSITE TRAFFIC if your mary carey website would APPEAR on the FIRST TWO PAGES OF YAHOO AND GOOGLE. Packages start from $89.95 per month for 50 unique mary carey search terms, like the real-time sample mary carey keywords listed below that are actually typed in the search engines today. CALL US RIGHT NOW to get Guaranteed Top-20 listings in Google & Yahoo and start turning those huge numbers of ‘mary carey’ on-line searches and many more keywords into YOUR mary carey customers. We are proud to be the ‘The World’s Leader in ‘Search Engine Optimization’ for mary carey sites. We have over 1 Million Top-20 keyword listings across the major search engines. We look forward to helping your mary carey business soon.

Sincerely yours,

Joseph D. Alleva
Int’l mary carey representative
24×7 mary carey Service & Technical Support

I really wish they’d get the name of the website they are emailing right. I’m sure it would improve sales and lower the stupidity level if done.

17 Comments on “Mary Carey?”

  1. hahaha, i get crud like that all the time, must be the spiders searching thru blogs or something … neway, im still enjoying the short history. have a good day kitta


  2. But Kitta! You know you want your penis enlarged…. just like you want to see sexy videos of Paris Hilton getting it on with a horse! How can you say those emails are bad? They make losers like me feel loved when I get lots of mail!


  3. Eh, I got a couple dozen spams for various pills, everyday. Thankfully no penis enlargement, but I think these e-mails are getting out of hand. Everyday, they are the same too, “Get Valium at Slashed Prices!” “Shop for xanax” My personal favorite are the days I get viagra and birth control pill offers in the same day!


  4. I don’t get spam in my proper email, or my work email. What I do get is mates sending me really crazy porn, hoping I’ll get caught looking at it when I’m in the office.

    HTH & IAW Lazz.


  5. Lmao, omg. I swear some people have too much time on their hands, hehe. I get so many enlarge your penis emails, I’m starting to believe I have a penis.. *looks around* =P Take care! x


  6. I get those emails, thankfully (?) they manage to get the name of my website correct. Still, with all the spam I get, I think I’m getting enough traffic, even if they’re just bots sucking my email address off my website 😀


  7. Kitta, the scary thing is that these people actually make money. More then enough to buy a few G-strings. Does anyone know what the “G” stands for anyway? If it stands for Gusset I’m outta here!

    Luv from the north.


  8. Marie, I have been aware of this for over a year. Clearly, it’s overpriced.

    Ella, how could you tell everyone about my secret obsession with Paris Hilton sleeping with horses! I used to love you, now I only like you.

    Dani, you do not have a penis. Rinse and repeat that.

    Ken, you’d think I’d know what the ‘G’ stands for since I love them so much. But I don’t. ?:/


  9. People don’t really know where g-string gets it’s name. There are a couple theories. Some say it is short for Girdle String. Or it could be a reference to the fiddle. On a fiddle, the G string is the lowest note. A third one is that it comes from the Native American word geestringi, which is an item of clothing worn by some plains Indians. That is what I have heard anyway.


  10. Do a search on the guy’s name – Joseph D. Alleva – and you’ll see that he is also pestering a Midwest Conservatives blogsite about Chihuahua Dogs, and another blog site about Gay Marriage.” So you’re definately not alone in getting misdirected junk mail. Cheers.


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