What to do

I’ve been feeling displaced lately. I’ve been walking around my house looking for things to do, making too many pasta bakes and such. I think it’s due to my body getting used to the last few weeks of ‘christmas insanity’ as I like to call it. Christmas insanity is the feeling you get when clean, cook, wrap present and be happy all in the same second. I’m coming down from a christmas high and I want another fix of insanity, but can not find one.


I’ve just found something that will keep me occupied for a while. It’s that time of year when everyone votes for their favourite weblogs, and pimps for nominations and votes. It’s The Bloggies. I’d like to point out there is a ‘Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog’ category (hint hint). You have from now until 10:00 PM January 12 2003, to your favourite weblogs.

I’d also like to note that the christmas ham has left the building. What we don’t know if it walked out on it’s own (as hams tend to do), or my mother put it in the garbage. Hmm.

19 Comments on “What to do”

  1. happy new year, kitta.

    I have never seen a walking ham, sounds pretty scary.
    does it make a ‘ham ham’ sound?

    [personally I never actually got even slightly excited about this xmas /NY time, dunno why, I guess it’s because I didn’t have time off work]


  2. maybe the ham walked into your room and started to put ‘ham ham’ thoughts into your head.

    To be safe, I think you need to destroy the ham.


  3. Kittarse!!!! I hope you got that nice new Johnny Farnham offering… I think he should have been our World Idol contestant! Anywhoo, I’m assuming not, because I see on your listing that you’re currently loving me.. I feel the love, and I wish to share it with all Kitta.net readers!
    Anyway, your ham did run away. I heard it making that nasty ham ham noise upto my fridge, where it met up with my ham, and they both ran off together.
    Also, finally, I like to call the monkey ebo because it’s easier than calling it Crimean-Congo Haemmorhagic Fever monkey bwahahaha


  4. its left the building to be a HAM-CRAB in half-life 2, no more crow bar you get a carving knife… you see zombies looking in fridges late at night looking for ham mumbling HAM HAM…HAM HAM…

    Ok… i think im over tired now 😛



  5. Happy new year, tu devrais fair ton site en francais aussi pasque je comprend pas tous. En tout cas kitta est très belle. Je viens de me remettre de mon jour de l’an, je suis tombé sur la tete en glissant sur le carrelage mouillé et jai hyper mal!!!!!! @+ les webeuz & les webeurs. bisou Kitta 😉


  6. Hi there Kitta, first of all Happy new year to you and your family. Can I interest you in some ham? I would be glad to ship to you free ha,ha,ha. I am also sick of ham and Turkey I nver want to see it again!! So I would be glad to ship it to you. :)) Can you tall me how to do a blog? I been doing pages for a long time but never did a blog ( intil you never heard about blogs). What program is the best to use? is a blog just a web page? That feeling you have is normal every one gets it. Just have to wide it out.

    Happy new year

    Salem, MA USA


  7. Lmfao, The christmas ham.. haha I think it walked out on its own. =P I’ll vote for you for best Australian! hehe You beat me by like 204954 x. hehe I’ve been feeling displaced also, since I got back from my holiday. I have nothing to do.. *sigh* Anyways take care! x


  8. hey nik, happy belated new year, hope everything goes great for you in the future, and if your so board you should get out more, and dont give me that no license shite cause our public transport system is alright 😛

    take care!


  9. Happy new year kitta_licious, I heard you got banned from yahoo for prancing around in g-strings on you webcam. is that true? I voted for you on the bloggies thing.


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