As you can see (if you refreshed) there’s a new layout up. It’s a simple looking layout, and the picture files and quite small, so maybe it will load faster. I also added various WordPress hacks, and will be adding more at a later date. Tell me your thoughts.

I think I’ve finally made up my mind on what components I want to upgrade to. And before you go nuts and say “your a student, where’d you get the money for that?!”, I saved up for over a year for it. So here are the components I think I shall buy:

I I’d like to get my hands on a ATI Radeon 9600 XT video card, but will only get it if I can sell the old parts to my mother. Its suck up mode time.

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  1. top notch on the choice of new mobo. Those a7n8xdlx’s totally kickass .. though u should probably either buy 1 stick of 512 ram.. or .. 2 sticks of 512 πŸ˜› cos 512’s quite cheap.. this all through netplus ?


  2. Kayhadrin, it’ll cost about $400 for the main components, then $279 for the video card.

    Christian, I don’t have enough money for 2x sticks of 512, 2x 256 will do for now. Not through net plus, I’ll probably get it from austins, prices are cheaper.

    Balls, I was a student in multimedia last year (well it will be last year in a few days), but I might be doing something different this year.


  3. I’ve got that exact same layout at home right now, except for the RAM. You might want to get 2 PC2700 chips instead, because they are cheaper, and you won’t be able to run your PC3200 at full speed anyways (FSB of 333 MHz for any cpu lower than a Athlon 3200+, while the PC3200 can run up to 400MHz).

    Also, if you ever want to upgrade later, you might really want to get 512 megs chips, so you can keep the dual channel capabilities of your board later πŸ™‚

    Anyway, just a thought, later πŸ™‚


  4. ewwww… No offence intended nero, but there is NO comparison between a FX5200 and a 9600 XT πŸ˜› The FX5200 is one of the low-end NVidia cards on the market, while the 9600 XT is the best bang for the buck πŸ™‚


  5. yay! update! i like new updates, thinking about doing on for january for my site, but im not sure … anyway, have u considered going p4? with hyperthreading? imo its a much better option. but lets not start an intel vs amd thread! have a nice day!


  6. Bfury, thanks for the advice. I shall keep it in mind. Are you impressed with the A7N8X mainboard?

    Nero, I agree with Bfury. The FX5200 is a low end card, and that’s why it’s cheaper, haha. πŸ˜‰

    Shaan, even though the hyperthreading sounds sweet, I’m a AMD kind of girl.


  7. AMD will give you better price / performance and the XP2500 can overclock to 400 MHz, with 11 multiplier = XP3200 at fraction of the cost.

    I’ve been an Nvidia fan until recently, the newer ATI cards will be a better bet for future games. You also get HL2 with it … which is nice.

    Good motherboard too with NVidia Soundstorm certification, which will give you realtime Dolby Surround encoding in games and music. how useful this is depends on your speaker setup/hardware.


  8. I love the board, and it has been voted board of the year for AMD systems on many review sites. It’s stable as you would expect a top end board to be πŸ™‚ Beside, it’s not even that costy, considering the 5.1 setup you can have.

    Like Psi said, the XP2500 can be overclocked directly from the bios, which I did for a short while. That means your PC3200 would work fine. But then again, overclocking heats things up a bit and with the generic fan, it got a bit too hot for my taste πŸ˜›


  9. dont clock it, it will melt like mine did i got a athlon266 it works so fast its crazy, so whats a nice gurl like you messing about with a box and boards hu, it must screw your nails big time


  10. I’ve got just a little slower CPU than that, the exact same motherboard and the 512 ram and even the radeon!! Although mines a Hercules 256Mb 9600 Radeon ^_^

    They’re excellent components and makes my system robust as hell, runs any game at full detail with antialiasing and running a server for others to connect.. basically it’s a small demi-god trapped in a flashy box ^_^ good choices in other words!


  11. Just browsing Austin’s prices and it’ll cost $466 for the main components, then $279 for the graphics card.

    Same basket in UK would cost around £217 -> $516 for the main components then £119 -> $283 for the graphics card … so prices are more expensive in the UK 😦


  12. Are you a Multimedia student at TAFE, Uni, or private course?

    What do you think about doing next? Don’t feel like making websites the rest of your life? πŸ™‚ I know I don’t.


  13. yup looks like a good overclock combo…get the AIW 9600 pro and try the bios upgrade to get the 4 pipes lol…nice layout…luv u too females who actually know or care what is in their computer …yippe for all female kind…you go gurl! =]


  14. Pugsley, so do it. πŸ˜‰

    Stu, did you set up some type of cooling, like maybe a few fans? It’ll melt if you don’t cool it down, haha. And no, I don’t break nails doing upgrades. My nails are pretty strong.

    Psi, I’m amazed they’re not cheaper. I know austins have the video card on sale though, that’s why I want to get one quick. πŸ™‚

    Balls, I was studying at a private college and I’m thinking of going to TAFE. And yeah, I don’t feel like making websites all my life. I might do programming like my brother.


  15. Good choice on the Processor. My dad’s comp is running a P4 2.5ghz (hyperthreading) and I havnt seen any difference between that and my 1.8ghz Athlon. (Obviously Media editing would be better).

    Good choice on the ram too. Its better (speedwise) to have 2 sticks of 256 than 1 stick of 512. You get more I/O channels with more sticks.

    Definatly stick with the PC3200.


  16. Oh, and I really like the layout. but I think the header (the sky with the ground and the monkey) is too big.

    Just my opinion though =P

    Coming from a guy who’s whole webpage is one word =P


  17. kitta, yeah i got a 2 great big fan in my case for cooling, like wow when i start renderring and editing video it get like red hot and so far has not melted, but i have got the bios temp saftey setting on max, bit risky but other wise it keeps shutting off, and thats with the 2 biggest fans i can get in the case. anyways,,, your gran looks cute and cuddley HAPPY NEW YEAR MATEY


  18. Strewth, I’d crack the shits if there were that many typos on my blog (people’s comments).

    But that’s just because I’m an anally retentive virgo.


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