Boxing day

I went to the Boxing Day (the day after Christmas for the rest of the world) sales yesterday and I am now paying for it. Not only did I spend way too much, I also ache from carrying the items which I spent way too much money on. Hopefully the madpony girls can relate. But, as a shop assistant said “That’s what the Boxing Day sales are all about”.

Yes, it’s about pain and brokeness.

I bought way too many pairs of shoes, various tops (including another monkey top), g-strings, some tiny evening bags and a book called ‘Molvania’ by the panel crew. $200 worth of stuff I wouldn’t normally buy, but thought ‘what the hell’ since it was all %30 to %50 off.

By the way, does anyone want any ham? We have a fridge full of it and no one wants to look at, let alone eat. ?:/

31 Comments on “Boxing day”

  1. Go the boxing day sales, lol. Except I never can find what I want, everything is usually too big or taken so I don’t bother.

    I’ll have some ham! hehe..


  2. Matt is right about staying ib bed until noon lol
    I done that the lasy few days and its worked a treat , admittidly ive been going out at 8 and getting in at 3am but hey isnt that what xmas is for !!!!!!
    Ill do a deal with you , ive got around 2 ton of chocs ill swap with the ham….if i eat anymore im gonna blow lol


  3. Zlkavszka!

    Molvania interesting place, I was at the capital Lutenblag earlier this year around 2 Febuary for St Fyodor’s Day. The birth-date of Molvania’s patron saint which was marked by a public holiday featuring parades, masses and a huge international arms fair.

    Anyway “Wakuz Dro Brugka Spazibo” and I really mean that.

    Krokystrokiskiaskya and Grovzsgo.


  4. if you a student and don’t have a full time job,where do the hell do you get all you money to spend like that? $200.00 is a lot even those of us who work full time.


  5. Dan, I got the money as christmas presents. My mother and grandmother never know what to get me, so they always give me money and we go shopping during the sales.

    Keddy, I saw. I never get why porn sites always steal my pictures, I mean I’m wearing clothes (unlike the other girls on the site). Anyways, thanks for the heads up.


  6. Given your obsession with G-strings (one that approve of), perhaps it would be a good idea to add them to your blog. No pervertedness indented. You’ve told us all about yourself but have lett out an important part of your daily routine.

    Kitta I look forward to recommending your blog to female friends who need inspiration in G-string choice.


  7. Hey Kitz, Merry Christmas and all that stuff…..oh don’t I know what your talking about with sales…..I seriously spent way too much too and still going, saw a 135cm TV I want (thinking about it) Have you been to Harbour Town yet???? I went twice and spent $200 eachtime on useless stuff I don’t really need but they look cool so I bought them anyways haha….oh yeah I turned another year older on the 18th, puts me further away from getting a young stunner as yourself 😉 have a nice dayyyy *hugs*


  8. I love your site, it’s gorgeous! I’m glad to hear you were so successful with your Boxing Day sales shopping. Can you believe I went to them also and couldn’t find a darn thing that I actually liked? I ended up buying crappy singlet tops from Myer purely out of desperation. And that “Molvania” book is a classic isn’t it? You gotta laugh at the Panel crew… it’s just so detailed! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful new year.


  9. Hey Kitta, in answer to your question, I’m a Melbournian chick. 🙂 And I thought your site is real neat because I have a friend named Nikita and you’re like the first other Aussie I have met with that same name.


  10. hey kitta, after a few recommendations from mates and seeing the bill bryson book here and a few other places, i went out and grabbed it, so far its a great read! hope you have a safe new years


  11. Shaan, it’s a fantastic book isn’t it? I haven’t had time to read it lately though, I’ve been reading ‘ebola’.

    Pugs, I wish I had the box sets of buffy. I love the first and second seasons.


  12. I totally agree with u…By the way send the ham over here.. will be grateful if u can send it with some salt and pepper too !!


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