Things you should only ask/tell me if you want your arm ripped off around this time of year…

“You should come to my christmas party, there’s going to be a lot of single guys there!?”
“Are you going to your fathers wedding?”
“Don’t get me soapy stuff, I’ll think you think I stink.”
“Isn’t this like the 4th time you’ve had mcdonalds this week?”
“You kind of get insane around christmas, you know that, right?”
“You’re getting a gay fairy lamp for christmas, and I’m getting a flash drive.”
“Do you think the turkey is a boy or girl?”
“Santa will know you’ve been bad!”
“I thought you were going to do that 10th pile of washing for me”
“You need a haircut”
“I think that’s enough lights on the christmas tree now”

15 Comments on “Things”

  1. Lmfao, what a pisser. Extremely annoyed at people saying that hey? haha.. Especially the one about the soap and the single guys, lol.

    Have a good Christmas Kitta!!


  2. Hehe, I just noticed the tree next to the red monkey! lol..

    Yeah I love wood floors, much more hygenic I say, easier to clean! Have a good Christmas!


  3. hey there! Ur site is really cute! i like where the elfe is talking to the tree! very cute! lol anyways just wanted to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS! lotz of love!


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