Blogging Rules

I am very annoyed, pissed off, sarcastic, and wanting to vent right now, but I can not do that. I have some blogging rules to stick to (or try to stick too at least), which are:

  1. Don’t blog about ‘them’ (because google will index it).
  2. Don’t blog when you have nothing to say.
  3. Don’t blog about friends that don’t know about my blog, or worse, friends that don’t know what a blog is.
  4. Don’t blog about VPT’s (very personal things).
  5. Don’t blog when drunk (it may seem like a good idea at the time, but it never is, because you will break all the rules).

What I wish to vent about breaks one of the rules, so I shall keep my mouth – or my hands – closed on this occasion. I’ll get the chance to vent to some choice friends later tonight. Can’t wait.

Until then, I’m going to read the latest wired magazine I picked up before and do some laundry.

19 Comments on “Blogging Rules”

  1. Haha. I was pretty much saying I want to write about something, but can’t, because of some rules I made for my blog.

    I’m going to be messing around with the top image for a bit, so if anything looks weird, that will be why.


  2. You know I look at your new Cam pic and just think, Gee the minute the picture was done she probably slouched down in the chair and stopped smiling from ear to ear and became just like the rest of us. hmmm.


  3. Haha even thought that was meant to be serious, it was funny 🙂
    You should get a livejournal, you can blog under “private” and no one can read it except yourself. Its good for venting!


  4. That was pretty cool. The text in the monkey’s bubble wasn’t in the bubble, then when I refreshed, the bubble was different, and there was a tree beside the monkey =P


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