Donk has been going up and down like a ping pong ball over the last few days, sorry about that. It seems to be ok today. It was probably just some DNS issues.

Apart from that I’ve been cleaning up the house for Christmas celebrations and making a lot of jewellery. I’ve been on the look out for a hot head and some tools so I can try making some lampwork beads. I saw one on eBay, it was a whole kit actually, but it’s gone up to $170+ and still has a few days left on the auction. Damn.

I was trying to convince my brother to move some old things from the kitchen into the garage before, so they wouldn’t be in the way, this is the conversation we had:

Me: “Why don’t you take these things out to the garage?”
My brother: “Ahh…”
Me: “You can grab the old vacuum cleaner and go ‘vroom vroom’, it’ll be fun!”
My brother: “I don’t think so.”
Me: “Or grab the carpet the and go ‘carpet carpet’, pick up the blinds and go ‘blinds blinds’. I don’t know what sound they make when you move them.”
My brother: “They probably make the default sound ‘donk’. Like in Quake, if you’re shooting something and it can’t find the sound file it grabs ‘donk’ by default.”
Me: “So you could grab things and go ‘donk donk’ then.”
My brother: “No.”

One day there will be robots to move things for me.

19 Comments on “Donk”

  1. Ok. thats (Freaky)^2

    Animals say thier own name (Horse says ‘Horse Horse’) and cars say their own name (Civic’s say ‘Civic Civic’)
    but I didnt know that household items said THIER own names. Thats wack, yo.


  2. Awww Tony. That was *almost* funny 😦

    And Kitta, you couldve come up with a better analogy then goes up and down like a ping pong ball couldnt you? 🙂


  3. I was thinking about what you were going on about Tay… Then it finally hit me that you were just being your usual horny self! 😛

    And that’s not wack Tony, household items have noise making rights too.


  4. Are we talking Quake 1 here or it’s recent incarnations? Cos that makes allll the difference! Unless you’re playing on an old Dos box in which case the default sound is…. nothing 😀

    Oh god I made a nerd joke… shoot me *dies*


  5. About Dec 17th. your brother and you. If that was me and you saying broom, broom and all that, I would ask you what drugs you where on lol lol/ sound like a hight level chat. I would look at you strange to if you say vac vac and broom broom to me lol. love your site keep up the good work. Dave Dec 16,2003


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