Christmas Tree 2.0

Now with added presents

Our christmas tree finally has some present goodness underneath it, as you can see, I also added some more lights too because I’m obsessed with lights. Now I just have to keep that cat and her christmas tree loving claws away from it.

I hope she doesn’t try to bite the christmas light cables again this year. ?:/

I updated the ‘Jewellery’section today, I added a few new necklaces I made. So check them out and tell me what you think. I also updated the ‘FAQ’ section with a few of your questions. I still have to do the books section, but haven’t had the time with all the christmas stuff going on. One year I’m going to go away on a holiday for christmas just so I won’t have to wrap any presents.

10 Comments on “Christmas Tree 2.0”

  1. nice tree but then i see something missing, maybe throw some wool on it but then it’ll probably mess up the house flying around. you can use some of those wooly stuff they use for filter in the fish tanks, that kinda never snow in sg so..erm forgive me about the wool thing but then its nice to feel complete:)


  2. Hi kitta, I’ve been lookin at your site for awhile. I saw on neopets that you used to be on there. I don’t know if you do it anymore, but if not, is there anyway you could send me your old items? I’ve been addicted to this thing foever now! And i’m trying to find people who’ve fallen out of the neopet thing. It would be great if you’d get back to me with this. My user name on there is mandileigh84 thank you soooo much for taking time to read this. – Manda


  3. Hey Kitta! I got your Christmas card, hehe.. My only Christmas card, lmao. Yes I am that antisocial.. Its just sitting on the mantle beside my lonely Christmas Tree we brought only a few days ago with no presents underneath.. Ahh well *sigh* Lol.. Thanks for the card. 😀

    Lol @ that definitely of Kitta in Urban Dictionary. lol I know I’m slow but its funny.. And the angel joke, hehe. 😀

    If I don’t talk to you before Christmas, Merry Christmas!! 😀 Have a good one. 😀 x.


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