Christmas Tree Angel

Somone told me this joke today, so I thought I’d share it. It is the story of how the angel got on top of the christmas tree…

Once upon a Christmas things weren’t going too well for Santa up there at the North Pole. Mrs Claus was PMSing, the elves were on strike and getting drunk at a strip club, and the reindeer all had diarrhea. Santa was very stressed out. In the midst of all this an angel came in with the tree and asked Santa, “Where would you like me to put the Christmas Tree?.”

12 Comments on “Christmas Tree Angel”

  1. Thats great… you know the worst part of Christmas? Its the friggin little christmas lites… they are always tangled and they always never work. So you spend liek 3 hours trying to get them to work and then you forget to store them properly and then you go through the same thing next year…Arrrrrrrrrrrg!


  2. I always take the time to store mine right, but even then the bulbs blow and it’s a nightmare.

    You know what’s worse than that though? When kids sneak up when it’s dark and pull the christmas lights off the trees to piss you off. It’s happened all this week to me, so i’m going to wait outside tomorrow night and catch them. 😉


  3. Well I hope you catch them,.. We keep our lites inside. And I think I am gonna give up trying to get those little friggin lites to work… I think I will buy these new LED ones They are super bright and they last for ever so they say?


  4. No Xmas tree for me this year. I’m not putting mine up since I wont be home for Xmas.

    Dont feel bad for me. I’m going to a much better place with palm trees and bathing suits.


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