We're back

Just a quick entry to let you all know what’s going on with kitta.net. Yesterday the server that my site (and various other sites) was on was hacked, Rich (my host) spent ages trying to get the back-up files which the server admins wanted to delete, and as you can see he restored it all to good as new, or good as back-up. Go Rich! He thinks it was just a random hack and nothing to do with anyone’s site on the server. ?:/

Apart from freaking out about the fact I might have lost all my blog entries, I’ve been wrapping tons of Christmas presents. My mother and I went Christmas shopping a few days ago and someone managed to do it all in 4 hours. It’s a Christmas miracle! The last few years we spent weeks trying to get all the presents and ended up going shopping on Christmas Eve and having to fight evil ladies for a gift hamper.

21 Comments on “We're back”

  1. My emails not working. ?:/ Eh, I’ll fix it later.

    Also mark was asking about making some code allowed in comments, I added and but not . Line breaks are automatic already.


  2. Eeek I hate Christmas for that very reason, the shopping centres are overly packed, you can basically figure out what perfume and aftershave everyone is wearing.. *sigh* xoxo.


  3. Thanks for the Christmas shopping reminder.

    Also, yuor beading is rad. All beading is rad. My housemate makes heaps of money on eBay selling her jewellery. She asked a lady at the beach markets where she got her lampwork beads from and the lady went into a bullshit spiel about importing from teh ancient caves of doom or something, but then we found out she gets them from a local wholesaler.

    Perfect Gentleman – Wyclef Jean

    This has been a vaguely pointless post, courtesy of Sorge.


  4. Haha, Scorge I’ve heard people say the same tale about caves of doom all the time. They just don’t anyone to know where they get their beads from. It’s bloody annoying.

    I’m glad you like my jewellery too, not many people have commented on it so far.

    What’s your housemates username on ebay? I’d love to see some of her stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Glad the site is good as new, but you should backup more often. If you have access to phpMyAdmin on your server (lots of hosts have this), you can do a full journal backup in a few cicks. I backup my server like mad; journal backups every two weeks and a full server backup once a month.


  6. i did notice your site wasnt workin, i thought you had blocked me after that last blog i made, phew ! kitta you are looking sweet in the new picture, strike a pose !


  7. your hosted by rich, nice one, he hosts lots of my mates from designtechnika.com ๐Ÿ˜‰ lots of their sites were down as well, nice to see it back up!


  8. you gotta answer my question
    where did ya picture page go?
    i don’t have time to waste sucka
    slobs are just out my window
    aight so tell me ho


  9. “That is spottie, he says to say “hi”
    He doesn’t like when people steal codes from kitta.net
    He’d rather you ask me about them
    Spottie likes to eat code stealers…
    With sauce!”

    And there I was about to blatantly rip off the code for the little monkey man and end up not even using him in the end. bah. Talk about being ‘pre-busted’. Hey ho…thats a new word wot?! TTFN


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