Pure evil

I was trying to take some photos of some jewellery today, but my cat kept interrupting me and I finally gave in and took some photos of her. She always looks so cute in photos, but don’t be fooled. She is evil, pure evil I tell you!

All images are copyright 2004
All images are copyright 2004
All images are copyright 2004
All images are copyright 2004

26 Comments on “Pure evil”

  1. To expand on what Tony said. He believes all animals should make the sound that their name is….. like a dog should bark dog dog dog. And so on and so on


  2. haha, animals are so cute but they know what they want and don’t stop until they get it! My dog is just like that.
    One time a few years ago, my mom had to call 911 because I couldn’t breathe. The paradmedics came and while only 1 was paying attention to me, the rest were paying attention to my dog rolling around in the middle of the floor.


  3. A very cute kitty Kitta! (Sorry I couldn’t resist!)

    All cats are evil at one point or another… I’ve got three of them in my home right now… Yeah I’m a sucker for a cat! 🙂


  4. Its really quite great when you think about it. Most things could make thier own sounds. Even vehicles. but the loudness and pitch would be relative to the size and power of the car. IE, a small car with lots of power would have a high pitched loud voice, a big car with little power would have a low pitched quiet voice. and mac trucks would just say “MACCCCCCC”

    of course, this would be when the horn is pressed.


  5. Another variation of the whole sound thingy is music instruments. Can you imagine it GUIIIITAR GUIIITAR. drum drum drum drumdrumdrum drum. LOL its great


  6. it may be evil, but it’s cute and evil.
    your cat and my cat should meet.
    my cat is a casanova male….even though it can’t reproduce….it’s a flippin casanova!
    you should see the amount of female cats in my garden….


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