As you can see, there have been a few changes to today.

I’m impressed by WordPress. Its post status ‘draft’ feature is great for when you’re writing an entry, but don’t have the time to finish. The image uploads makes blogging so much easier, and link management just plain rocks.

I’m still moving all the old blog entries over from greymatter. Yes, I know you can import them, but I was to go through them and sort out the good from the bad. The only downside is I lose all the comments.

12 Comments on “Changes”

  1. Wow, I like wordpress.. lol. Hmm. Nah I can’t be bothered installing it, haha I only just figured out Coppermine for my gallery. I’ll stick with my greymatter. I love the changes you made, looks mad. As always. 🙂 Take care! xo.


  2. okay here I go again…the random pic thingy is cool…its like images i’ve never seen before *cover face*
    I have to say I don’t like this new “comments” though…its hard to read… *sigh*
    take down that bumcrack pic! lol
    All in all…great job…you are da bomb! woohoo! =]


  3. I like the new comments, easier for me to read. The double pic thing is nice too. That pic is especially nice, although rather teasing for us mere males. 😀



  4. RE: MEMES
    you want to visit England?
    Seriously it’s a but crap really, always raining, people always moan, they have funny accents. I guess it;s good if you like castles and litter!….
    Naa it’s not all bad, there are some excellently nice places (all in the North – i would say that being from the North!)… and we have Castles, LOTS of castles.


    did i mention the castles?



  5. Matt – I want to visit England so I can go to my grandfathers grave. I also have some family there.

    Xenia – It’s not too hard to upgrade from b2 to wordpress. I thought it would be a pain in the ass, but it wasn’t.


  6. WordPress sounds pretty cool, I might use it one day! Right nowI am content with movabletype however. And i’m not sure if this is a new layout, but i know it’s newish and I like it!


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