Oh USB tree, oh USB tree

Bugger dragging the fake Christmas tree out of it’s home, messing with the dusty leafs and then decorating it. I want a USB Christmas tree, all you do is plug it in and weeeee… Instant Christmas tree.

All images are copyright 2004

What will they think of next to be powered by USB? What about a pet robotic monkey that does tricks and sits on your shoulder while you blog, yeah, that would be so cool!

Meet .............. the monkeySpeaking of monkeys, my friend made little red monkey a friend in paint while she was meant to be doing a MYOB course. He’s so happy, every evil world dominating monkey needs a friend. 😉 The question is, what shall we name little reds new friend?

2 Comments on “Oh USB tree, oh USB tree”

  1. Hey Kitta… I think the USB tree is cool!!

    I also see that they don’t ship overseas… I’m going to order a couple later today or tomorrow. Can I order a couple for you and send them to you as a “thank you and Merry Christmas”? I’ve lurked on your site for a while and would like to give you something for sharing your thoughts and the “eye candy” of your pictures….

    Just email me and let me know either way, ok? Thanks!!


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