PMS Alert 1.0

I saw this today while looking through There’s been a few homeland security software packages and plugins, that allows you to display a suitable graphic for the current homeland security advisory on your blog or desktop. Someone has taken that idea and made the PMS Alert 1.0, which tracks and alerts people to PMS levels.

“Easily synchronize PMS Alert with her natural monthly cycle. Read a simple scale of five colors to get the likelihood of mood swings. Get a real-time estimation of fertility. Pick a date off the calendar to get a quick forecast of what’s to come. Store custom notes to go along with each day in the cycle. Get reminders when conditions are changing. Even get reminders of her next birthday and anniversary. PMS Alert runs hidden in the system tray, but can be expanded to a control panel offering more options.”

Haha, it’s what every guy needs around that time of the month. šŸ˜‰

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