Hmm, upgrades

Ahh, Halloween the night when kiddies (and grown ups) run around in costumes trick or treating and egging anything that moves. I think I’ll be having a scary movie night, eating lots of candy and scaring myself sounds fun. I’ve decided that because it’s Halloween my evil-o-meter should hit 100% for the first time ever, to celebrate the evilness of the day. What are you doing for Halloween, and what are you dressing up as?

Over the past few months I’ve been slowly changing over my blogging software from Greymatter, to B2, and then upgrading to WordPress. So now I just have to re-do everything again. I’m sorry about all the broken links around the place, feels like a geocites site right now. All will be good soon and the evil broken links will be gone.

On a good note, my bandwidth mysteriously dropped on the 20th. No idea why it did, maybe I did something like moved a file or protected a file that was being whored. I mean, 6 GB to about 2 GB a day is a big drop for my little site.

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