Would you like water with that?

I’m listening to possibly the worst radio show ever. A local radio station 92.9 has let guy called Lukey take over the Thursday night late shift, he also has a sidekick which is a computer generated voice. Yes, a computer generated voice. If a family member has ever installed that annoying bonzi buddy program while you weren’t looking, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The kind of computer generated voice that in 2000 was so cool, for about 10 minutes, then it just became annoying.

The really sad thing is that I either listen to this or watch ‘The Bachelorette’.

Did you know…

That you can ask for complimentary water at McDonalds so long as you order something? My friend did it yesterday. At first, I thought she was just taking the piss, but they gave her the water in a cup, with ice, a straw and without question or an evil ‘one day I’ll hurt you badly’ glare. Not only that, they gave her it in one of those ‘flip and win’ cups that are apart of their promotion right now.

I must try and use this information for good and not evil.

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