I did it again

I ate chinese food from that place. That place that sells the tasty fried rice, vegetable dish and sweet and sour pork. It made me made sick (no not MSG sick, food poisoning sick), and I was up till 6am in pain, being forced to watch people rave about exercise equipment and sharp knifes. I don’t understand myself sometimes, why do I keep ordering food from there when it makes me so sick? I’m like a drug addict that keeps going back to the dodgy dealer that sells some bad stuff. I know it’ll feel good at first, but later I’ll be buggered.

I’ve told my mother that if she sees me eating any of that places food again she it to take away my fork and attack me with it until I give up the evil, evil food.

So I’ve been in bed today, catching up on sleep and watching Oprah ramble on about brides with post-wedding depression. “Once the fairy tale wedding is over, reality hits.”You don’t say? I loved it when the lady said “there’s a wedding devil that takes over…you become like bride-zilla.” Classic.

My boys have released hip nite today, which is a hip new web design company (and which makes me feel oh so hip while blogging about it).

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