Less is more darling

As I was looking through galleries of the photos taken on the Emmy’s 03 red carpet, I wondered if some stars dress horribly just so they’ll be talked about? Or maybe they really have no idea just how bad they look. “Oh you look fab-u-lous, that whole hippie look is so in this season!” says their friend, and fellow nominee, that is happy they look like shit.

Some of the clothes looked evil, really evil. Someone needs to remind them (or their stylists) “less is more darling”.

Meanwhile Ellen ‘I should have hosted because my bit was the only funny part and you all know it’ DeGeneres, did the whole suit look and did it well. And of course we can’t forget Simon Cowell, who took the opportunity to grab some ass.

Everyone says SJP was the best dressed, but I disagree, personally I think there’s something wrong with a dress that doesn’t move naturally with the body. I think Poppy Montgomery got it right, Courteney Cox looked sexy and classy, something most stars will never come close to, while Alicia Silverstone looked oh so cute. Paula Abdul’s dress was stunning, but the tiara and jewels over did it a bit.

Please, someone make the evilness stop!

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