A step in the right direction

Wednesday night on the popular aussie TV show ‘The Panel’ Kate Langbroek breast feed her newborn baby live on air, and last night ‘A Current Affair’ did a segment on it. People said they were appalled by her doing this, but I say good on you Kate. One of my friends has a baby and when she’s out in public people give her dirty looks for breast feeding, people have even approached her and said that breast feeding your baby in public is just plain wrong. What’s so wrong about doing one of the most natural things in the world?

Mothers should be able to breast feed where ever and when ever they wish, you can’t just simply say to a baby “Sorry, mommy can’t feed you right now because people see my boobs as sexual objects”. What Kate did is a step in the right direction to breaking down the issues people have with public breast feeding.

On the subject of babies, congratulations to Heather, it’s a girl. 🙂

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