Every time I hear the radio station play Justin Timberlake’s ‘Senorita’ I get an image in my head of Justin Timberlake in drag when he sings like a chick (well tries to) at the end. Little red dress, strapy high heels, blonde wing and tons of make up. Scary.

I got my hair cut today, it’s about shoulder length and has a little side fringe thing going on. I love it because it’ll be easier to wash, dry, style, and dye. I love my hair long, but once it gets too long it pisses me off so much I always end up chopping it off before summer hits. I also found $5 on the ground, which I needed to pay for the haircut. I’m weird like that, anyone remember that Seinfeld episode where they go on about how if Jerry loses $20 he always finds $20 somewhere? Yeah, I’m like that.

I emailed NG a few days ago and asked her if she had ever thought of opening an online store with cafepress selling shirts, mug, mousepads, g-strings and other things with her artwork on it. She liked the idea and has opened one at cafeshops.com/notus, there’s some great stuff there so go check it out. I’m saving up for one of her g-strings and a baby doll shirt. 😉

This makes me wish I never sold my 3 boxs of lego for $20 at a garage sale, I too could have had my own army of little lego men to do stuff for me. I’d teach them how to make pan cakes and pour a glass of coke, mmmm.

I saw this quote on an e-bay book review and it’s been in my head for the last few days… “Lies are like loans, for one should take on as few as is necessary and keep them as small as possible.” I like that. The reviewer was talking about how sometimes you should lie to protect loved ones, but never tell them to hurt others.

Anyone know of a good feed reader? I’ve tried ‘feedreader’ ‘klipfolio’ and ‘awasu’ and none of them really impressed me. :/

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