Attack of the ROP's

All this week I’ve been getting phone calls from friends, friends of friends, people who say they’re related to me and people who I think must have seen “call this number if you have a computer problem” on a bathroom stall. It pretty much goes along these lines:

Random odd person: “Hi, I’m [Insert ROP’s name here] and I know [Insert another ROP’s name here]. How are you?”
Me: “I’m good, how are you?”
ROP: “Good, good… But I’m umm, having some problems with my computer.”
Me: *Puts down phone and bangs head into table*
ROP: “Hello?”

They’re all calling because they have the Sobig.F virus on their computer and have no idea what to do. I try to talk them through the process of getting rid of it, but in the end I sigh and tell them to drop over their case. It’s actually a lot less time consuming that way. All I’ve received so far is a bottle of cheap red wine for my effort.

For those that haven’t noticed it in my right hand side menu yet, I’ve added linkpool to my site. It’s sort of like a mini link blog, but it’s used across various sites and they pool their interesting links together.

The new Ikea magazine has just been placed before me, so I must go now and plan fantasy kitchens and lounge rooms. 🙂

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