The hairy tomato

Do you know what really sucks when I’m sick? Having to clean out the fridge when I’m feeling better because no one else has bothered to do it. I swear one of the old sweet potatoes told the hairy tomato to bite my arm off if I disturbed their precious world that is the bottom of our fridge. Or maybe it was the lettuce?

I’m getting really into cooking lately. Not that I didn’t cook before, I always have, but due to me not being able to eat half of the things in cooking books my range of things to cook was limited. Lately I’ve been watching some of Jamie Oliver�s shows, and I really like that little naked chef that uses a handful of salt on everything.

My back (well it’s my hip really, but I’ve got so used to calling it that) is killing me this week, especially at night. I’ll sleep for about 3 hours then wake up in pain and not be able to go back to sleep, so I get up and wait for a pain killer kick in. Last night I took a different pain killer and slept 7 hours straight, you have no idea how happy I am today because of it. Sleep is good.

Speaking of medical things, am I the only one that is freaked out by that guy on the PBS government sponsored TVC that tells us not to fill prescription medications in Australia? He was the worst choice for it, I want to beat that guy with his prescription pad when he goes on about not filling prescription medications. Some people could take that literally and become sick because of it, and personally I think he needs to take more of his prescription medications.

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