I can do the clap dance

I haven’t been feeling to well today, I think I have a throat infection or something, feels like I ate glass. Soothers are my friend today. I fixed my xml feed yesterday. Greymatter and xml really don’t like each other and I wish I could have more then 2 entries on the feed, but I don’t know if you can do that with Greymatter. I have to show you this photo I took of Harry after he had a bath yesterday…

All images are copyright 2004

He looks so proud of himself because he took a bath

I was watching Oprah today, which I don’t normally do but this show caught my attention while I was channel surfing. She was doing a ‘my favorite things for spring’ show where she gives her audience free stuff like hp color printers/digital cameras, the roomba vacuum cleaner, iPods and all this other stuff. Damn, I wish I had been in that audience. Although I have to agree with Ernie, half the audience did look insane, I think it was due to the amount of free crap they were getting. Overloaded their brains. Funny thing is the ladies were so happy to hear they were getting some applesauce, yet when she mentioned the iPods they really didn’t know what to think. Then she said how much it cost and they realized it wasn’t just some kids toy, so they went insane. Only the guys in the audience understood what an iPod meant.

I even perfected the clap dance they do, and you can do it too. All you do is jump up and down clapping the palms of your hands together and scream when someone gives your free stuff. It’ll be all the rage in clubs next week.

Here’s a few links that entertained me today…
If this was real, I’d so want one.
Damn these bubbles, burst I say, burst!
Half life, the movie?!

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