Yahoo salesman

Why is it that if you are a cam girl and you want people to come to your site you have to be listed on porn sites? I’m having some conflicting thoughts about being listed at some sites. Even Tay took down his pic on one site because of something’s he heard about someone wanting nude pics from under age cam girls. Why do these girls take it all off for their cam viewers? Once they see it, they’re gonna want more or become bored because the air of mystery is gone. For those people out there that come to my site for tits and ass… I’m sorry, but I’m not a whore, and I won’t flash you on cam. I guess I’m not your regular cam girl, but I like it like that. I don’t like following everyone else, just so I get one more hit. If you wanna say something nice, focus on my site… Because I wont be listening if you mention my tits. Anyways, that’s enough venting. I had a chat with JJ, he seems to be selling yahoo’s new pager, but he’s not getting paid for it:

Jojo Force 21: the new yahoo messenger has “super webcam”
Jojo Force 21: lol I feel like a yahoo salesman
la angel nikita: lmfao i think you are
la angel nikita: how much are they paying you?
la angel nikita: and i’m downloading it… so you can relax!
Jojo Force 21: lol and if you act now..
Jojo Force 21: oh ok
la angel nikita: free set of steak knives?
Jojo Force 21: not one not two, but 3 sets!
la angel nikita: lol
la angel nikita: wow
Jojo Force 21: but act now supplies are limited
Jojo Force 21: operators are standing by
la angel nikita: lol

Gotta love JJ.

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