RAM and XP goodness

Candy said I was a computer nerd before and I think she’s right. I spent most of today sending emails to various computer stores in WA. I wanna buy a stick of 128mb SDRAM for this computer, but I want to buy MS Windows XP OEM edtion with it… Most of them are kinda confused at this request, and I have been trying to prove my point that memory is an actual conponent – So legally they should sell me XP at the OEM price. Wankers. Hey it’s $450 upgrade or $300 OEM – If you could get that much off of it wouldn’t you? (Tay’s probably swearing and sending me an email about how he can get a pirated copy of it as he reads this, haha) The reason I want XP is because, well it rocks. Also because I’m f-disking this computer maybe next week and I don’t wanna put bloody windows 98 back on it. We shall see what happens.

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