Adored pet

I made a doctors appointment for tomorrow @ 11:50am. This would be all good if I actually trusted and liked doctors, but I don’t. When I fractured my ribs once, I waited till I could hardly breathe before going to the hospital. I’m really getting sick of being sick – if that’s possible. Tay said I should come to florida and visit him and I’d feel all better. Yeah, the florida sun sounds like a nice idea. Anyways, there’s a guy on ebay wanting to auction of the right to tattoo his forhead with any advertisement, company logo, or whatever the high bidder wishes. Tay and me are thinking of teaming up and putting some money in. How would ‘’ and ‘’ look on his forehead? We’d have to fight the urge to put “I’m a loser” though. I got a kinda funny e-mail which I think is a joke:

“What’s good? How are u? Your name makes me breath faster and grow weaker on my neels. I never knew the beauty i was missing until i found u on the net, u such a great beauty, a beauty godness, i beg to come and worship at your shrine. Every thing about your picture knocks me to a stupor of frenzy, your eyes are just like the one of Eve that is used to seduce and hypnotise Guys. I prome to Treat u as my adored pet, promise to never leave u but to love u. Am from Africa, i want u to be my wifey. My hand cell number is …………….., my country code is already there. Cheers, get back at me now.”

Eh, worship at your shrine? Adored pet? Ok mate. Hand cell, lmao his hands a cell, haha. I should stop making fun of people who email me, even if they are stupid emails.

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