Random acts of wankerism

I spend most of today in bed. Yay. Yeah, I guess I haven’t gotten over this virus. I made an appointment to go see the doctor about it. Anyways, yeasterday I had a very fucked up chat with someone who clearly doesn’t know me to well:

Iven Yackinoff: hello
Iven Yackinoff: whoa a real live slut
Iven Yackinoff: is too good to say hi
Iven Yackinoff: who would have guessed?
Iven Yackinoff: and one with deformed boobies none the less
Iven Yackinoff: ur ego is higher than my sperm count
Iven Yackinoff: how did such an ugly slut get such an ego?
la angel nikita: 1. I’m a virgin, try looking up the defintion of slut again darling – 2. You piss me off and I only say hi to people with personalitys – 3. I love my defomed boobs – 4. I was being sarcastic then you twat – 5. Your sperm count must be low, maybe even impotent, because there ain’t no ego here – 6. Bite my ass wanker…
*** Error while sending IM: Not logged on

Lol, ok…

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