KY jelly and cream, yummy!

I’m half knocked out from medicine right now, but I wanted to blog to tell you about some things. So bare with me for all the poor grammar, and spelling mistakes.

Candy came over last night. I was in the shower then I walked out and she was sitting there talking to my mum. Scared me half to death. I swore and then ran into my room to get changed. When I emerged, she gave me an early birthday gift. 🙂 I got 3 mini g-stings and a rude card that said “let’s have a party, you bring the KY jelly and cream”, haha. I can see a lot of cards like that one coming my way tomorrow. I guess it’s tradition or something. Anyways, here’s a picture I took of what she got me:

All images are copyright 2004

One of them looks like something a stripper would wear. I also got a few other early gifts today as well. 🙂 I’m getting soooo spoilt. I cant drink any alcohol because of this medication I’m on, which is bugging me. 😦 Oh well, I’ll go clubbing next week sometime.

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