The scourge of hysteria

Did you know…

“Electric vibrators or ‘massagers’ were used in the 1800’s to treat “the scourge of hysteria” in women. In fact, men were encouraged to buy them for their wives to keep them young and pretty…and to stop them from becoming hysterical! At first you could only buy a vibrator from your friendly doctor. But advertisements started appearing in magazines promoting the benefits of treating hysteria in the privacy of your home….wink wink. In 1918, Sears Roebuck gave the thumbs up to these relaxation devices calling them “an aid every woman appreciates.” By 1930, the real use of vibrators was revealed, thanks to early porn movies. And they’re still called massagers! FYI the word hysteria comes from the Greek hystera meaning ‘uterus’. Hysteria was thought to be a women’s disease caused by disturbances in uterine functions.”

I found that on some weird site. Hmmmm… Yesssss, it’s ‘hysteria’. 😉

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