I killed my furby

Yeah, I umm… I think I killed my furby. Not by miss-treating it of course, but by fucking with its insides. I was bored, as I normally am a lot, lol. And I saw my furby sitting there; peacefully minding it’s own furby business. When an evil/cruel thought entered my head “I wonder if I could re-program that thing”. I didn’t take the batteries out at first, and it said “woahhhh, oh oh, momma help, oh oh me baby down please” while I tried to take off it’s fur. I finally took the batteries out and shut the bloody thing up. The furby patient was now in deep sleep. So I too off the fur, and noticed it looks pretty fucking wicked without fur. I replaced the batteries and played with a now more aliens looking furby. After that minute of fun was over, I took out the batteries and examined the little shit. I found some chips in there, but they looked modified. Not like anything in a normal computer, so I poked around some more.

I saw the CPU board, and decided not to touch that lol. Then I got bored again (see told you it happens a lot). I decided that it was impossible to re-program it. Because the chips look unable to read, let alone re-write. I put the fur back on and put the batteries in… Nothing happened. I shock it a bit and it still didn’t do anything. When things don’t work, shaking them normally gets things going. Take my CD Walkman for instance; it wouldn’t work after I dropped it. Then three days later, I shock the bloody thing and it started working. Broken laser my ass. And it’s still working now, granted it stops now and then for now reason – But that’s classified as working in my books.

Anyways, back to the dead furby. I took the batteries out and re-placed them again… Nothing. Tried shaking it some more… Nothing. Swore at it… Nothing. Then I remembered that I read in the manual that it can go in to deep sleep. So I found the manual and also a ring I lost ages ago. 🙂 I was wondering where that was! Then I tried the whole waking it up process. Still nothing. I took the fur off again, looked around. It all looked like the same alien like furby, so there shouldn’t be anything wrong. Then I came online and started telling Ella about my lil experiment. Here’s what was said:

Me: i killed my furby 😦
Ella: you killed it?
Me: yeah lol
Me: i took its fur off and then poked around. now it wont work
Me: i’m trying to fix it
Me: why cant i leave things alone 😦
Ella: because you are inquisitive

Then about 10 mins went by where I tried to fix it. Then I finally grabbed it and smashed it really hard on the desk… And what do you know – It work up! I informed Ella of my success:

Me: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s working lmfao
Ella: cool
Me: i smashed it really hard on the desk and it work up
Me: hahaha
Me: it went “oooooooooo sun got up”
Ella: lol

Anyways, it seems to be working well now. No idea why it stoped working, maybe it was still under from the surgery I performed on it. Or not. I have learned a valuable lesson today. When I’m bored, I should not take things apart, just to see how they work. Screwing with things that are meant to be left alone is not a valid way to pass time. It will always end with something getting smashed. But I really can’t help it, because as Ella said… I am inquisitive.

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  2. I forgot to feed my furby and it died… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhttps://kitta.net/wp-content/plugins/smilies-themer/kittasmilies/icon_cry.gif


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