Wrongfully Gay

Apparently, I’m a 5'6" lesbian living in the UK, looking for 18 to 99 year old single gay woman, female gay couples and groups for a relationship or 1-on-1 sex. I work in the media and have a rather average bust. Above all, I’m looking for honesty.


That is what a profile on says. It was brought to my attention by a reader who recognised the photos as mine and sent me an email regarding the profile. I have emailed asking for the profile to be removed. I’m not sure what aggravates me the most; the fact someone stole my photos or that they said I’m 5'6" and seeking a 99 year old woman.

The rest of the biography on the profile is literary genius…

“Like so many others i have been caught out after i have given my address to someone on here! So i expect some bloke to turn up at some point, scary stuff! makes a change to take a knife with me to bed instead of a woman! Whats the point in describing yourself when you have a pic?? What i like is a different story, women mainly, surprise surprise! seriously im a normal sort of girly, very fem, whjo like to drink hard, play hard and live life to the full, after all, we only get one shot at it.”

It never ceases to amaze me how the people that are the least honest always play the honesty card.