Open For Business

Earlier this year I moved to the city to be closer to friends, study and work opportunities. My address now contains the words and numbers ‘Perth 6000’, when I was young I assumed anyone who lived in the 6000 postcode wore top hats and swam in pools full of money like on Duck Tales. Silly […]

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Leet WoW Hacker

I was doing some grocery shopping today, and as I stood in the pasta aisle perusing mediterranean vegetable sauces I overheard this conversation between two middle aged ladies… “I found this strange payment on my credit card statement today… My son was the last to use it to pay his phone bill, I questioned him […]

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Emailing England

Mum wants to email joly old England…

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On behalf of Firefox

The phone rings and I pick it up, because that is what one does with a phone…

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